Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tatting and Stuff

Remember Angelica? I gave up and started over. And then, a friend on InTatters asked for help with beaded tatting. Now I want to pull out some beads, my camera and do some tatting instructions for her.

Here's the phone case that I ordered. It arrived last week but I had to go to the Post Office to sign for it.
kuutydruk on Etsy made it. Isn't it purty.

And apparently someone went off the road last night. This is my bus stop sign

And I have to head home. It's going to take longer than normal because the road home is barricaded. There's a possible bomb been sighted.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Weekend of Gaming and a Movie

Saturday, we played another Pathfinder adventure. This one was part 4 of a story arc. The game was a lot of fun but somehow the 'I'd love to play on Saturday but my tatting group is meeting 1:30 - 4:30 & I want to go to that' got missed. I ended up missing the meeting entirely.

Sunday was Rosemary's game. Thanks to Chris's character getting a speak Undercommon language pearl, he was able to handle scouting the wizards' tower with minimal back up (mine & Mike's characters). The roleplay was so entertaining as he pulled the whole 'poor, put upon male' act to question the guards in the tower (including the 'do you think you'll have any openings here in a couple months?').

Saturday, after gaming, we went to see Knight and Day. It's not a great movie but there's some great dialog/banter and it's very entertaining. It has a lot of Hollywood physics, so if you want realistic action sequences, look elsewhere. I was expecting Cameron Diaz's character's name to be 'Day', though & it wasn't.

Tatting: I'm still tatting Angelica (from LadyShuttleMaker's book). I'm a good way into the 1st wing and I've noticed a problem a couple rings back. I've been toying with the questions: Open the 2 rings? Cut and add new threads? Start over? If I start over, I'm probably going to put it aside and make another bracelet. I really want to start anothe bracelet.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Where Did the Time Go?

Seriously, where did it go?

We went to see Iron Man 2 and Jonah Hex recently. Neither were ground-shakingly incredibe but both were enjoyable movies. IM2 was not quite as good as the first IM but it was acceptable. And Samuel L Jackson rocks at Nick Fury.

Tatting-wise: I got Sherry Pence's The Exquisite Collection of Tatted Butterflies. I made Seven, the 1st butterfly. I started to do it in navy but I ran out of thread after one wing. I went back and did the whole butterfly in navy and green. It's in three pieces; first you tat both wings & then the body joins them.

I started Angelica, the 2nd butterfly. It starts with the body and then the wings. I had gotten to the first wing and realized that I'd read the pattern wrong and would need to start again. I ran out of green (shuttle) thread anyway. That ball of size 20 green is getting quite small, by the way.

I gave Seven to Anne Claire (my mom's friend) in a letter that I sent today. Her mom passed away and I sent a sympathy card to Anne Claire and her husband. At least this time, I remembered to take a picture first.

I'm going to miss the Triangle Tatters meeting tomorrow. I've had plans all week that meant that I would show up towards the end, but then the plans got pushed and now I'm going to miss it entirely. I'll swing by Anitra's and loan her my butterfly book so everyone can drool over it without me. *deep pensive sigh*

Gaming: Mutants and Masterminds last night was great. I missed the last game because of my car breaking down. The GM just ran an 'annual.' That's a one-shot storyline that has no connection to continuity.

The session before that ended on a cliff hanger. Centurion, a hero back from the dead, who we suspected to be an extra-dimensional villainous version called Praetorian, stood up in the middle of the debriefing of our heroes' most recent adventure, said something nice and put a device in the middle of the table. When the heroes roused, it was just like waking up to any morning. Except: no one had any powers, Lady Celtic's revolving closet with her costumes was gone, was her magic circle, my character was living in the dorm instead of in her townhouse/temple and her technology inept self was late for computer class.

It was a great session as our characters tried to figure out where they were and how to get out. Chris was the one who found the key.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Third 'great weekend' Post

Last weekend (June 4th & 5th), I took off early from work on Friday and drove to see my mom. Her older sister is visiting so I got to visit with both of them. I drove home again Saturday afternoon.

This past weekend, we went to the DC area to visit Mike. We did it to see him again, to celebrate his recent work success (his company made a tremendous announcement last week, the reason he hasn't been able to talk about work for months) and his new girlfriend. We drove up Friday and she met us for supper at the Indian place that Mike likes so much (they have southern Indian food and their tv shows Indian music videos & movies). Crossed fingers that it works out for them.

Gaming: We played four games of Pathfinder. Each of us took a turn running. Chris went all out for this, "Mike-Con". He made badges for all of us, had con programs printed up and schedules for each of us. Plus, he had shirts available. Mike-Con: The ultimate in dining & gaming experience. The only disappointment was the free breakfast that the hotel provided. It wasn't absolutely horrible, but the less said the better.

Tatting: I started on the Tardis bookmark for Rosemary. I got all the way to the split chain and realized that I didn't remember how to do it. Since they charged for the internet access at the hotel, I wasn't going to look it up. I've made pretty good progress, though, if I do say so myself.

I have about 3 feet of navy blue edging. I'll try and post a picture later today.

Oh, and despite my less-than-healthy overall eating over the weekend and almost complete lack of exercise, I've lost 2.5 pounds in the last week. Yay!

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Another Wonderful Weekend

It was a busy weekend, too. First, we had the "Yay, David Didn't Lose His Eyesight" movie marathon. We watched Support Your Local Sheriff, The Three Doctors, The Five Doctors and The Two Doctors. The last three were Doctor Who specials.

Sunday was Rosemary's game followed by going out for Indian food to celebrate the May birthdays.

Monday was a Pathfinder game followed up by a cookout. We spent literally hours, sitting around and talking. I haven't done that in ages.