Monday, September 10, 2012

A very busy 2 weeks

The Monday before Memorial started it. I realized I was running two Pathfinder scenarios over the weekend (both on the same day) and I needed to read and prepare them both.

For me, preparing a scenario means reading through it and writing a list of everything that I don't immediately recall (review, what does a tanglefoot bag do? what page are the rules for it? Is that spell rounds per level or instant? Etc). I then identify the rules regarding those items, with page numbers or other references written on the scenario. I use many colors of pen to underline important notes (skill DCs, names, etc). If necessary, I print out pages from the Bestiary and then I gather the miniatures.

I did all that between doing other things, like work. Tuesday night I went out for supper with a friend and picked up my contribution to the meeting Sept 5th (that's a Wednesday, right?). Then it was laundry and finished my laundry Wednesday night & tried to pack. I finished packing Thursday morning before work. My SO picked me up after work, we drove to pick up our friend and then it was off to Maryland.

We got to the hotel about 12:40 am, so we made good time. The next morning was take it easy and brunch with our friend (we were up there to visit him and his wife). That afternoon, he ran a Pathfinder Society Scenario. After the game it was Korean BBQ time. So much good food. Turns out, there are some kinds of kimchee I like. In small doses at least.

Saturday was going to be tourist day but it was just a little too warm for comfort. Instead, we played Munchkin and had so much fun we almost missed the movie.

We went to see the Odd Life of Timothy Green. We got out so late that instead of what we had planned for supper, we went to 'The dumpling place" aka China Bistro. There were 5 of us, so we ordered 10 dozen dumplings. We had less than 3 dozen in leftovers.

The next day, I ran a game, we went to Friend's house for cookout (his wife is an incredible cook) and then back to finish our 2nd game. Whew. Got done way too late.

Monday, it was two more games, run by my SO and our other friend. It was loads of fun. We had supper again and then parted.

Tuesday we drove home. And I did some laundry and started packing.

Wednesday I went to work. And to a 9 am meeting to which I was to bring food. BTW: figuring out how long it will take to thaw something before it's time for a meeting: good idea. Rest of my day just sped by as I tried to get everything done.

Wednesday night I finished packing, including what I needed for the classes. I had forgotten what I had signed up for but gotten a reply to my email on Wednesday, in time to pack.

I drove to Anitra's house and more or less collapsed. We both slept later than we'd planned Thursday morning and left a half hour late. We had wanted to leave between 7 and 7:30 am and left at about 8 am. Luckily, we didn't run into any problems as we drove by Charlotte and got to Palmetto Tat Days in just enough time to register; but not to help unload cars. We didn't have time to unload our car before Anitra had to go to the Teacher's meeting so I bummed around and socialized while I waited.

Sue F plopped down beside me and said how long it's been and that it was great to see me. Which was great, except we'd never met. Turned out she'd mistaken me for someone else. That's okay, it broke the ice and we started talking.

Later, after Anitra and I had unloaded the car and I was taking my first peek into the vendor's room, this man came up and hugged me, bemoaning that he hadn't seen me in years. Um, nope, complete stranger. Turns out it was Randy Houtz; he (& Sue) thought I was Karey Solomon. I told Karey about it and she said I should feel insulted. Yeah, right. Have you met her? She's a sweet, talented lady. Where's the insult?

But we called each other twin the rest of the weekend.

The goody bags this year? Palmetto, Southern Belles and Seaside Tatters went all out for Palmetto Tat Days 10th year. I really wish I'd taken a picture of it all. 

My very first class on Friday was "The Key to Good Tatting." Here's one I did. I did another, shorter, one bt I haven't taken a picture of it yet.

Here's me and Sharren (the teacher in that class). She's so much fun.

I'll continue my Tat Days report later. After I find my other projects and get pictures of them.