Sunday, June 28, 2020

Still staying at home

Heavy storm hit this afternoon and an online friend asked for a video. But they were too large to upload to the site in question, so I'm putting them at the bottom of this post. Take your pick.

I made fingerless mitts and a headband/earwarmer to match my cape. The headband isn't done; I haven't affixed the braid.

The mitts don't exactly match; the downside of long run variegated/ombre yarn.

I also made these mitts (too small for the original recipient, but a friend has a teen who wants them).
Played around with this edging. I think I might like it better with dark green instead of the pale green/tan.

The 1st cotton yarn trivet/hot pad is my attempt at a 10-stitch blanket; it works great as a trivet
 This is deliberately a trivet/hot pad. The yarn I plied from 2 strands of cotton worsted; one yarn ombre white and blue, the other solid blue. I ran out, so I plied some more, using navy with an ombre navy/white.

I made some masks. These are the same mask; machine sewn. Below are the masks I hand sewed, including a bit of metallic thread lace I added to one.

 Oh, I finished the feather and fan scarf. I ran out of black (as I mentioned), so I ended with red.

I finished the tatting on this bracelet, now to block it, trim the thread ends, and add fasteners.

Friday, May 29, 2020


I'm still alive and well. My family is well. One cousin did get sick and go to the hospital. But he came out. With an oxygen tank, but he did come home. I haven't been able to go see mom, but I have done some video calls. Not as good as an in-person visit but better than nothing. Mom still forgets to plug in her phone/charge it.

I've been working remotely, at home, since mid-March. I have a loaner laptop from work with the software I need. I miss seeing my co-workers. I even miss my commute, somewhat. I miss that time of 'not at home, not at work' time to read or tat, or whatever.

I've been doing some knitting and I've sewn a couple masks. They're reversible, which is nice. I also made ear savers (strips of knitting with buttons) to go with them. I loaned my sewing machine to my neighbor so he could sew some masks.

I did a little bit of retail therapy. I bought a large fine gauge loom (25% off sale) so I can resume my Buffboo (bison silk & bamboo yarn) Hydrangea shawl (pattern by Renee Van Hoy). I bought a cartridge ink pen.

Been playing Blue Rose. My character, Nahla Jossa, had the goal of becoming a travelling noble (1 part circuit judge, 1 part tax collector, and 1 part Crown troubleshooter). Instead, she was made a landed noble (1 step above a travelling noble). Her district is smaller and more concentrated. And that's mostly because of 2 circumstances. 1 is her part in taking a refugee camp and turning it into the beginnings of a small town. The other is because of her contact with a cave-dwelling cannibal civilization and negotiating a peace. There's now an ambassador to them (not her, she doesn't speak the language) and not a war. Apparently, more responsibility is her reward.

Last session though, it was (giggles) all about another PC's family. I got to watch as that player got to navigate family dynamics and secrets and stuff (most of which my PC has no idea about). And another player had a (in character) minor meltdown as stuff from his past came up and bit him. In comparison, my PC's family life is drama-free. And HER brother-in-law just ran out on her sister.

My current scarf project is a feather and fan pattern. I started in black but I ran out so I switched over to red. In theory, when I'm done, it will be a mostly black scarf with a red block.

I made hats this past winter. I just need to donate them before it gets cold next year.

I knitted a couple scrubbies (polyester ~eyelash yarn and cotton yarn knitted together.

I just wanted to make a post. If anyone is reading, I wanted you to know I'm okay.

I started tatting a doily.

I also knitted this shawl for myself (Sweet on Ruffles by Renee Van Hoy)

Friday, December 13, 2019

The blues

I've been struggling, mentally and emotionally. I need to get in the habit of posting something, once a week, it helps.
Here's that shrug I made for my mom again. Bright, cheerful colors.

Wednesday, December 11, 2019

A Poem (by me)

I'm Not Poor
My underwear has holes,
"Still a lot of good wear left"
As I toss them in the laundry.

My winter boots' heels are run down,
"I can take them to the cobbler"
It will cost less than a new pair.

My work shoes are four years old,
"These shoes are still comfortable"
Until they aren't, then I'll buy inserts.

My bag has a tear in it,
"I can mend that"
Hide it with a patch I got at the museum.

My car is old enough to get its own license,
"The repair bills are less than a new car payment"
But there's less and less maintenance I can do myself.

But I'm not poor.

Monday, December 02, 2019

I had a dream this morning

And this is the dream I had:

I was working (somewhere) & got some time off unexpectedly. A friend had gone out of town (to a resort?) for a waitress gig at a special event & I followed after to see if I could pick up some hours. 

The place was booked for a fashion/avant garde art event. I saw my friend (Abby B) already working; she was surprised & not entirely pleased to see me. I wasn’t going to be able to stay in her room (that's part of why she wasn’t happy) because she already was sharing with someone.  And I realized I didn’t have the proper waitstaff clothes with me anyway (white shirt, black pants).

The event had started. Rich people attended the party and the models and walking art and performers mingled among them.

The organizer/designer saw me, and while they didn’t need any more waitstaff, she thought they could use me as one of the walking art people. She told me who to talk to. 

I went to the front desk to find out about a room, and said I’d gladly share with someone. The 3 desk staff (Latinx) looked at me blankly, but the manager (Filipino) was on a couch in a lobby seating area nearby and came over to help. She warned me to be cautious but thought she had someone she could ask.

She took me a to a room with 3 little people (1 looked like Phil Fondacaro, something I noticed & almost remarked upon), 2 men & 1 woman. They agreed to let me share the room. The two men would share a bed & I’d share with the woman. Their troupe was Gnomic Illusions & they were performance artists. They had their gear along the walls of the room. The designer provided my costume & these three did the rest. They did my makeup, which involved painting an idyllic park scene from my eyebrows down. Above, I had a bald cap, and the make up became black & white like an adult coloring book with lots of small images. I’d fallen asleep while they were doing my makeup so it was a surprise to see the image, especially with the bald cap. Except, they hadn’t gotten my long hair under the cap. They were trying & woke me up. But I’ve got so much hair they couldn’t just tuck my hair up. So I suggested braiding my hair so it looked like I just had these 2 braids from the back of my head, and they could be wrapped or some cord braided in so they looked fake.

One of the men (not ~Phil) was demonstrating this new technique he’d invented, for wearable effects. It involved something like latex, but he poured it onto one of the beds, mixed the colors, did something else, and then peeled this textured piece off the bed. The person who was supposed to wear it rejected it, but I volunteered. It would go on my back, filling in the low back of my dress. It breathed better than latex and the texture resembled crochet on the outer surface, and it was completely smooth on the inner.

That’s when I realized, I didn’t have the right shoes either. I was stressing about it and one of the performers dragged me out of the room and showed me other people walking around barefoot, both guests and performers. 

Then the performers did a march/strut/parade through the ground floor areas to the song “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showman. One of the folks leading the parade grabbed me as she passed me, and we went arm & arm. Her other hand held a feather fan & I wished I’d grabbed my lace fan.

About this time the radio alarm clock finally penetrated my sleep and I woke up.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019


Sorry, I lost track of time and missed posting last week. And this week is late. It's been mostly rainy and gloomy, and often cold these past few weeks. We had a couple days of clear skies and sun, before returning to damp and gloom. I just want a chance to dry out.

Anyway, a young man I know asked me about mom's bed. I had made a couple posts on social media looking for a new home for it. We were supposed to take care of it last weekend, but as I was unloading my car (from the groceries I hadn't taken inside because it was raining), and the rain was starting again, I tripped and fell. I hurt my knee, got mud all over my jeans, and had to clean up the stuff that fell in the damp and dirt. I'd already dealt with a migraine, I decided enough was enough, I turned around and spent the rest of the day on the couch.

That turned out to be a good thing, because CD was able to go with me on Sunday, so he helped carry the bed frame. It was a bit much for one person. LE (the young man getting the bed) strapped the lot to his car and took off, slowly and carefully, for home. The rain had stopped so that was one less concern. He got the bed back home intact.

It's a nice bed. It's full size, but has 8 full-sized drawers in the frame. And the drawers have cedar pressboard liners. It's just too tall for mom to be safe using it.

Now that there's room, I'll need to get her a reclining chair and a glass-front cabinet to replace the bed. She has a daybed, so she has a place to sleep. But the reclining chair will give her a place to watch tv and to go to sleep if she gets sick. The glass front cabinet is to replace the drawers. A bookcase might do as well, but I think the glass fronts look better.

The forsythia, tulip poplars, and buttercups are blooming so spring is on the way. It just doesn't feel like it.

I've started my 2019 temperature scarf. I spent time planning the colors, then I learned I couldn't find half my thread. As a result, I'm using the thread I could find. I'm using beads for the extraordinary weather days. Each day is a flower, each week is a row. I'll add extra flowers in a single thread to make up the rest of the month and provide dividers. I may use metallic thread to tat the month dividers; a row of split rings perhaps.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

2 weeks already?

I missed last week because I was on my monthly date with CC. We ended early because we were both tired, but still didn't get an entry done after.

Google+ is dying and they're ending elements of it already. Service flickers in and out. I'm trying another couple social platforms to see which ones fit.

The scarf I started using Bamboo Bloom just isn't working. I'm going to frog it and start over. OTOH, I've all but the closure finished on CD's scarf. I steam blocked it to get the final width I needed, then sewed up the back to make it a hood/scarf. It needs a toggle closure. I picked up the toggle and I made a kumihimo braid for the loop.
the image is from the link above

the eyelet is invisible
When I saw CC, I gave her some of my excess cotton yarn, plus some red heart I got from mom.

We didn't get that wintry weather. In fact, we had a week of spring-like weather. Then the weekend turned cold and damp. It's unpleasant, but at least it's not icy. Meanwhile, folks in Australia, neighboring New Zealand, et al are suffering through punishing summer heat. It's the opposite of what the Pacific NW US just got (snow, lots of it), but the same reason: climate change.

I made a point of buying some girl scout cookies, especially since I heard their views of trans girls. Yes, the story is 3 years old, but every time I see it, I remind myself to buy cookies.

I tested my tatted temperature scarf. At first I thought  three flowers per day in size 20, but that looked too small, so I tried size 10. But then I did the math and that's too big. I'm going with a row of 7 flowers per week, in size 20. Each flower's rings will be the low temp of the day and the chains will be the high temp. I think I'll mark the extraordinary weather (more than a 1/2" of rain or snow/ice) with a row of split rings.
size 20 prototype
It's still going to be long, ~5', and kind of wide, ~9", but in lace it will be much lighter than my 18 foot 2018 scarf.

I did make a scarf from some of the yarn I got from Mom. I gave it to RW's daughter, Frank (that's her nickname). RW gave me a hair pin/shawl pin from their trip to Costa Rica. Our game on Sunday got cancelled, so we played Lord of the Rings Online. They showed up photos from their trip during our visit.
garter stitch, 2 skeins

Chancellor Folt is gone. She resigned because she knew there'd be blowback from her decision to remove the Confederate monument pedestal. It was definitely the right thing to do; from a safety perspective if nothing else (and there's lots else). Then the Board of Governors were petty and classless and fired her, instead of letting her work 'til the end of the semester.

I started the scarf DB asked for. He's living in California now, so he wants it lighter weight than my usual. He wants a long scarf with bands of color, a la Tom Baker's Dr. Who scarf; but not quite that long and definitely not that dense.

Mom was about 16 in this photo, and in her sister's wedding. She says this dress was ice blue and she wore it for ages after.

I've signed up to donate platelets this week. Hopefully, it will go as smoothly as the last one.

pretty sky

Oh, I found someone who wants mom's bed. I just need to make arrangements to meet him so we can take it apart, etc.