Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Busy, busy, busy

I'm not sure where to begin, so I'll just jump in.

I couldn't wear my usual State Fair Village of Yesteryear clothes; the sleeves were too tight. So I started researching clothes >1815 CE for comfort and ease of use/wearing, plus ease of 'finding'. I found that women started wearing sweaters in the 1930s, plus knee highs (I wasn't even going to think about wearing nylon in NC when the weather might be sweltering, and I don' have access to silk stockings). I already have black, low-heeled Mary Jane shoes. I'd purchased a ~1930s burgundy cloche at the thrift shop this past summer. I didn't need it (at the time) but I thought 'what the heck' and 'if I need this, it will be hard to find.' I got lucky and found a mid-calf black skirt with pleats starting 2/3 the way down. It's almost straight from hip to the knees, then a grosgrain ribbon, then pleats the rest of the way.

One last thing; my hair. I was NOT getting a bob, or even cutting it. And my hair hits my waist. I got a brilliant idea; I looked at 1930s era college yearbooks. Those are real women, wearing their best hairstyles; not what Hollywood or New York or fashion magazines say women are wearing. That, plus a blog essay on 'how-to for long-haired women for 1930s hairstyles', lead to me wearing a low chignon. I had so many hairpins...I'd take down my hair and then find 3 more.

Look at that picture and go, 'Grandma?'
My dad's mom, when she was about 16

Alas, my edging tree fair entry did not win. And thanks to a migraine hitting Sunday afternoon (the day I was planning to submit my entries) I didn't get 2 of my entries in (bag/necklace and beanile necklace). But the tree wasn't due until Monday noon, so CD took it in for me.

my tree; too bad sliding it into the frame wrinkled the fabric

At the fair, we rode the sky tram for the first time. It was really nice and just a little high. And I'm not comfortable with heights. So I took pictures to distract myself. Lots and lots and lots of picture. 135 pictures riding in 1 direction and 198 in the other. Some pictures are so close together they look like I had the camera on sports shutter speed. The first ride was still daylight and the trip back was after dark.


I did teach at Palmetto Tat Days. Anitra and I handled the early bird class. Early bird starts at 6:30 am. There have been years I've been awake to take that class. And some years I showed up but wasn't really awake. The usual teacher couldn't make it this year, so they needed someone else to fill it.

I'm much more of an early bird than Anitra, so I was in slightly better shape. She was teaching her snowman earrings (so cute) and I taught TotusMel's Infinity Knot. As usual, it was lots of fun.
Martha Ess's broomstick teapot

Infinity knot earrings

Hurricane Florence sucked. No real surprise.

Trip to see Dad's family was good. We met a cousin we didn't know we had (the relationship is a bit distant) and I got lots of family photos. Aunt J has 2 photo albums, organized by sibling for my Grandma and her siblings. It started with some very old, old photos.
that's my great-great-great uncle, I think. Caroline, his sister was my grandmother's grandmother.
After that, each section had photos the sibling as early as the organizer (maybe Aunt J) could find, then spouses, children, and grandchildren. There's also some stuff like death certificate copies, etc.

Aunt J doesn't have internet, so dad took me to the library one day so I could check my email and stuff on my tablet. As we were leaving, I thought to ask about their genealogy collection. It was in the basement and Dad and I looked for his picture in his high school yearbooks.

We left by the basement door, which took us by the town museum. While I stopped to sign in, Dad talked to the two volunteers. Of course, they asked why we had stopped by and Dad told them he grew up there. After a bit of discussion, the woman figured out how we're related, biologically. There's a closer relationship by marriage involving her brother-in-law and a great-uncle by marriage, I think. I don't recall the details.

She offered to let me use the museum scanner to scan the photo albums. The 'cost' would be my time and the museum getting a copy of the pictures. Dad had planned to have breakfast with his oldest nephew the next day, so he could just drop me off at the museum and I could work on it. Except, they changed the plans to go earlier. I talked to our cousin and she agreed to meet me there before the museum opened to let me get started.

Except for a brief break for lunch, I scanned pictures from about 9 am to 3 pm. If you include the documents and the identifier pages, there's over 550 pictures. My grandma was one of seven kids. And all but one had grandkids.

Grandma and her siblings will be a different post, I think. In fact, I think the pictures and stories from the trip deserve their own post.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Hey, another post

I've been doing a little tatting, getting my State Fair project tatting done. Well one of them. And I've been loom knitting. I finished the knitting on my partner's scarf. But it's quite narrow, and I made need a bit more to make the hood fit better.

I have started making some washcloths. They're a present, and they're an opportunity to practice stitches. My first one is a bit small and not great (it's the welting one). The first picture is my 2nd one; seed stitch. 2nd picture is the 1st one I did. The last picture is the 1st one on top of the 2nd one.

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Knitting and Tatting and Holidays

Valentine's day did not go smoothly this year. It seems someone stole my present. CD ordered it, and he showed me a picture, but it was (according to tracking) delivered the Saturday before the 14th, but we didn't see any sign of it. And I told CD what I want to get him (a novelty t-) but I couldn't remember which one. We both liked Mordor Fun Run, but there was one he commented on and I couldn't remember which one. However, he did bring some some chocolate covered strawberries and a box of chocolates from a great candy store downtown.

And half-price candy day was a disappointment. The shelves were so bare.

I went to see Mom. She fell out of bed and broke her arm. Her right arm again, but this time it wasn't her elbow. And she's somewhere they'll handle her food, and PT, and pain  meds. I bought her a wedge pillow. She could use one of those stand up recliners, but something would have to come out of her apartment and I can't do that on my own. The wedge pillow, I could do.

The weather was lousy, heavy rain at times. But at least I made there and back safely. We didn't do much. We mostly sat around. I got her dvd player to work again and put in a copy of Last of the Summer Wine. She loves that show and even if it's an episode she remembers, she enjoys it.

I submitted my teacher application to Palmetto Tat Days (thank you, TotusMel). We'll see if it's one they will use or not.

I did more tatting for quilt squares.

The pink squares I made earlier have gone AWOL. I've made more but I need to get them in the mail.

I wanted an instant gratification knitting project, so I made a little bag. It's got a texture; garter zigzag, but the thread colors completely hide it. Ah well.
The weather is really warm; I didn't bother with a jacket today. And  yesterday was so foggy, I turned wrong on the way to my park and ride.

And I have to say something about Parkland, FL. If I am shot, please feel free to politicize my death for gun control (let CDC study gun violence, mandatory waiting periods, history of domestic violence being a bar to gun purchases, etc).

And remember these kids who are survivors are the same age the kids from Sandy Hook would be if they'd survived. And they'll be old enough to vote soon.

Autumn Breeze was sick so we skipped our usual date. We had it last night instead. It was lovely.

Tuesday, February 06, 2018

More Tatting

Our group demo'ed at Tri-Tatters on Saturday again. It was very cold so not many people came by, but we did get a gent whose grandmother tatted. A bit later two women stopped to talk to us. Then a group of young women visiting the US on a cultural exposure (or something) trip. Some of them talked to us, too.

And he had some of her work and her shuttles. I went through the quilt blocks for Palmetto Tat Days scholarship quilt to decide on what tatting I'll do for them. I've only done one so far. I have another three blocks and one strip. I realized the strip is much longer than I realized. Then I found an edging I'd done ages ago that's perfect for it. Yay! I added a contrasting motif on one end as 'anchor.' I need to block the edging though. Really need to block it.

I got a good start on a gecko (Jane Eborall's pattern). I finished it on Sunday. I did a flower (from for another block. I have an idea for another motif (from Jane again), but I need to clear my shuttles.

Mom fell and possibly fractured something this morning. I may end up running to see her tomorrow instead of work. I will call her facility tomorrow and see if I can find out more.

Deadlands on Thursday is off. GM has to take care of some personal stuff.

My date night with Carry is canceled, she has the flu.

It's been a long day and I'm off to bed.

Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Another week, another post

Thursday was Deadlands again. We had another combat and my character, Alis got in some good shots, and got poisoned. It was fun to use her magic gun to shoot the bad woman's bow out of her hands (hey, she used it to shoot Alis with a snake arrow).

I'm still working on my Blue Rose character. I am reading the world background to fine tune her. I think I will end up changing a couple things, make them into goals instead of accomplishments. I do have most of her family plotted out and her immediate family have names.

my mom crocheted the dice bag, yes there's a metallic filament

 Saturday was Tri-Tatters. Leigh (of fame) had the second newsletter, with my article about the Bath Tatting Book. I hope someone who reads it finds it helpful. We had 12 people at the meeting, including two people who are learning to tat. One of them brought some of her grandmother's lace. She had some lovely hairpin lace, crochet lace, and a bit of tatting.

I finally figured out TotusMel's pattern she's letting me use. The problem isn't with her pattern; it's that it works really well with needle tatting and take some adjustment to make it work with a shuttle.

However, I cannot find my pink squares for Belgium. Argh! I know what container they're in but I can't find the container.

I haven't started on the 2018 TIAS yet. I've been distracted by my other projects (including CD's scarf, up to 20"+ now).

Sunday it was chilly and rainy so I didn't work on my car. I hope I'll get something done on it, soon.

CD and I watched a movie with Herman's Hermits. He likes the band. The movie was kind of 'meh' but it had some good music. However, quite nicely, it did not have a villain. It was very nice.

Today was part 1 of of a training, Mental Health First Aid. It was mostly what to look for and some of the risk factors for depression and/or anxiety. Tomorrow is part 2, practice and practical.

There were snow flurries this morning. And my neighbor's Bradford pear is blooming. And I think I saw a cherry tree blooming, too (it was pink blossoms and a tree).