Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy St. Valentine's Day (if you celebrate it)

Today, CD surprised me with 3 skeins of the bison/bamboo/silk yarn, in purple this time. I have to make a decision now. Do I make a teal trimmed purple lace shawl or a purple lace shawl and a smaller teal lace shawl? Decisions, decisions.

He's also asked me for a knit scarf. I've offered but until recently he didn't need one. He has definite ideas on what he wants so the next step is to find the right pattern. I have yarn (~600 yards each) in two colors so I can do a kind of tweedy look.

And here's a 2007 paper on the connection between knitting and activism. If you're interested in that sort of thing.

A number of museums and libraries put out coloring pages again, look for #ColorOurCollections. Here's a page I did from the UNC Health Sciences Library.

I took a picture of my hair after I cut it. Sort of. It's not a very good picture, but it's better than nothing.

Saturday's plan: go to bank so CD can deposit a check, grab a bite to eat on the way to see mom, set up mom's tv and see if we can get the DVD player to work, go to lunch, CD goes home and I take mom yarn shopping in her car, then I drive home in mom's car.

What actually happened: stop by bank and notice a tire is low, go to dealer and discover tire needs to be replaced, another tire needs to be replaced, brake pads, etc, etc, etc. We went from 'be there until  2 pm' (call mom cause we aren't coming) to get a shuttle ride to somewhere we can get lunch, to finally leaving the dealer after 5 pm.

We did the 'go to mom' stuff on Sunday. And learned her car tags are out of date and her battery is dead. And the new tv doesn't even recognize the connection to the cable box, never mind the DVD player. We did get the yarn shopping done and I have to find out about mom's car taxes, etc.

I finished my 90 hearts. And I finally remembered to send in my registration for the NCRL Day. Too late for the commemorative shuttle thought. sad face.

I'm still behind on TIAS 2017, but I've made some progress.

Monday I saw someone I'd only seen once in the past 2-3 years. He hasn't changed much. We all had supper (CD, him, and me) although our first choice of dining establishment had closed. We caught up a bit and shared a couple gaming stories.

Tonight, I go see CC. I'll show her my shawl. And my yarn. And maybe she can give me advice about my wristlets to match my shawl.

Last but not least, US politics again. I took a break from calling my MoC over the weekend. I had enough on my mind. But I started right up again on Monday. I have yet to reach a live person in my senators' offices and I've reached a live person every time in my representative's office.

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Oops, Missed a Post

I didn't even realize it until Thursday, or maybe Friday. I thought about doing a late post but decided I might as well wait and do one today.

And the weather has resembled a sin wave. Today the weather is downright spring like. I sat outside at lunch and you can see some of my tatting photos were taken outside. Sunday morning, there was ice on my windshield (sleet).

I finished the knitting for the plush cat (but no picture, sorry). But the drawstring cast one didn't work; perhaps due to the yarn. It's a loopy yarn.

More calendar pages:

I've been coloring on my lunch hour and sometimes a little before and after work.  

I've done a little tatting, but I'm a couple days behind on Jane's TIAS. I did this ice drop to match my turtle earrings and bracelet. And I've made some more hearts for the NC Regional Lace Day. I have 80+ made. My target is 90 by April 1st.
1st try, too small to hold the glass

before I added the loop for the chain
day 1

day 2

day 3

day 4

day 5

day 6

I've run 2 sessions of Tears at Bitter Manor (Pathfinder Module). We're almost through chapter 2. I think one more session and it will be done. Then we'll start chapter 3. We've been having a real problem starting on time, so we're only getting about 4 or 5 hours of playing time instead of 5-7 hours.

I also cut my hair. I've been wanting to cut it since around Christmas but wanted to wait until after the holidays. My hair went from coccyx length the elbow length. I'm donating the 15-18" to Locks of Love. My hair is still a color they can use for children's wigs. As I go grey, they'll sell the hair to fund the wigs instead. 

My senators continue to disappoint me. They have voted to confirm every cabinet nominee; despite lack of qualifications and even in the light of being aggressively unsuited for the position. At least my representative isn't an embarrassment. Oh, and I have yet to talk to a live person in my senators' offices; no matter what time I call I always get voicemail. Meanwhile, the only time I have not talked to a real live person in my representative's office was egregiously after hours.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Missed a Landmark

Missed my 1001st post last week. Oh well, no one else noticed either, right?

See the grass? Look carefully, there are two dandelions. One is in bloom and one has gone to seed. In mid-January, that's winter in the South (US).
Simple with Ruffles shawl
I finished my shawl this past weekend. The only thing left to do is a bit of blocking. The points don't actually match, due to cast on/cast off discrepancy. It's on my part, not the designer.

It was too overcast to get a good picture, but here's the one I managed. I still have about half a skein left. I've started making a small plush cat, but C suggested I make wristbands/bracers to match the shawl. Good idea, I think.

These birds filled the tree outside my office the other day. I'm not sure what they are but they don't look like the usual winter visitors.

This is another page from my coloring page of the day. I've done 2 pages now.

Warning! Politics ahead!
I am the anti-thesis of a Trump supporter. I don't believe he's competent to lead the US and has multiple conflicts of interest. His election has made white supremacists confident enough to come out of the woodwork, along with Nazis (who are calling themselves alt-right now). Most of his cabinet nominees are obscenely wealthy and have direct conflict of interests with the department they are supposed to be leading (Pudzer as Sec'y of Labor? Convicted of wage theft, discrimination, etc; DeVos for Sec'y of Education? Involved with for-profit education businesses; Sec'y of Interior? Sued EPA for doing their job; Mulchnim for Sec'y of Finance? Sold mortgage company right before it was investigated for mortgage fraud). The closest I've seen is that Ben Carson (Housing) doesn't have any experience, but has never convicted of anything housing related (ie not a slum lord, mortgage scam artist, etc). Dept of Defense secretary is former military, which is sometimes iffy, but not outright OMG WTF.

I stand with the Women of Color, People of Color, Immigrants, LGBTQ, and other people negatively affected by the current regime.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Martin Luther King, Jr, and other matters

There's been a rise in racism, anti-semitism, and other hate speech activity. Read this article.

And if you're active online, be aware of this website; it has way too much information. You can opt out, but that may merely mean your information is not publicly accessible, it may still be there.

But to cheer up, here are a couple videos; one is a music video and one is of animals playing in the snow.

I went to visit mom on Saturday. The remote did nothing. A new dvd player did nothing. It is definitely the tv. But we had a nice lunch.

I've started knitting a shawl. It's Sweet on Ruffles by Renee Van Hoy.

I passed the halfway point on my shawl.
Unfortunately, I've reached the point where it's not easy to take it with me. I only work on it at home now.

I was behind on my 90 hearts by NC Regional Lace Day but I caught up today. I'm still on track to get all 90 done.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

I'm Blaming the Weather

This is what I woke up to on Saturday morning.

 And this is what I saw later; there's a layer of ice, a layer of snow, and then a glaze of ice on top. Do I need to mention that I didn't drive to go see mom on Saturday? Or on Sunday?
 Thanks to unusually cold temperatures, there wasn't much melting, except in direct sun, until yesterday. I knew it was Tuesday, but I still forgot to make my blog post.  There was no reporting to work for me on Monday or Tuesday. I go back today.

Yesterday we finally got above freezing temperatures so I cleaned off my car. Since I need to make a trip to the fabric/notions store, I'm driving to the park and ride today.

I woke up at 3 am, managed to doze until about 4 am and finally got up at 5 am. I was starving and thirsty and just couldn't get back to sleep.

This is the gaiter I made for Cs nephew, to match his scarf. I need to go buy buttons and sew them on.

I gave this book to my Dad almost 20 years ago. He started working on it while working nights. When that job ended, he lost track of the book. He found it recently and loaned it to me at Christmas. I scanned the pages he's filled so far and then returned it so he can continue to fill it.
 I started using my coloring page of the day calendar. I'm already behind. This is the only page I've completed.
This is the hand crocheted scarf SNS made for me. Each color is a different yarn; fiber, etc. It's gorgeous! Her daughter also introduced me to a new term 'stupid scarf'. It's a name for an infinity or circle scarf, because no matter how stupid you're being, you can't/won't drop the scarf. C said he wants one, which makes me happy. I've been wanting to make one for him, but he's been reluctant because he doesn't spend as much outdoors as he used to.

I've been reading Rejected Princesses, another of my presents. I'm still reading Drunken Botanist from last year. It was on my TBR pile and I picked up a couple months ago. I've been reading one plant per night most nights.

My date with  C went...unexpectedly. She gave me some lovely gifts from Williamsburg, Va (powdered ink, handbound journal, quill pen, and a couple coasters). However, while I was waiting for her, she called. Her car had died. I went and picked her up, we ate supper, and then her boyfriend came and got her so she could get her car towed.

I've been shopping for a lacy pattern to use the buffboo yarn CD gave me. I got the two skeins wound into center pull balls but it's been difficult to find a suitable pattern. There's three main limitations; yardage, my skill, and my knitting is on a loom. One lovely pattern called for a cast on more stitches than any of my looms have. I finally bought a book of loom knitting shawl patterns. I'm starting with Sweet on Ruffles, as it looks simplest and will get me used to working a shawl pattern. I'm using a bulky yarn and I made a decent start last night.

Since I didn't see mom last weekend, I'll go this weekend. I have her new remote control, which will helpfully fix her no DVD player problem. We'll see. If not, then I'm buying a new player for her. TV runs out quick. I also need to pick up some books for her.
And as a treat, this is JJ's corrigated boxer. She's still a puppy and she's a corgi/boxer mix. She fell asleep on my leg during the party.

Jane's TIAS starts today. I need to load my shuttles and start.

Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Post-Christmas, I mean it this time

Ever since my 1st year of college, my high school friends and I got together after we did the family thing for Christmas. BE lives out of state now, so he doesn't come any more. We don't meet 'between semesters' because none of us are in school. Instead we go to JJ's house (it used to move around until JJ and his wife bought a house) overnight or for the weekend of New Years and celebrate together. We exchange gifts, play games, and talk. Our group has grown. I'm with someone, JJ and KL both got married, JJ has a daughter (my namesake), plus they've invited additional friends.

Traditionally, I give KL a calendar. I've doing so for so long now, he doesn't bother to buy one because he knows I'll provide one. It's getting harder to find them, though. The calendar shops and the calendar sections in the bookstores are shrinking.

After I finished the assorted knitting (I finished CD's nephew's neck gaiter on the trip to JJ's house - I just need to get buttons), I started making some of Diane's ice drops. My vintage thread broke on the 1st one I made.  It's just missing 1 chain.

I gave three of these to friends at JJ's party. I know two of them are 'tatting worthy' as last year, upon their request, I made and gave them a flying minor Norwegian dragon (in turquoise). 

Mom's tv is not recognizing that there's a VCR/DVD player hooked up to it. So she's limited to whatever is on cable; and that can be surprisingly sparse. I'll be trying a new remote control and see if that's what it takes to fix the problem. If it doesn't, I'll be looking for a new player. Unless the tentative forecast for snow this weekend is correct, I'll be going to see her this weekend. 

Tonight's my date night with C. I forgot, so I didn't put her present in the car. Of course, I need to find it again.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Post-Christmas (sort of)

Sunday, I had Christmas lunch with C's family and R. Monday, C and I drove to my Dad's house and from there we went to my brother's house. I spent Saturday and Sunday morning wrapping while C cooked. I ran out of gift bags and ran to the dollar store to buy some more, and some wrapping tissue.

Oh, there's a 5-disc collection of 20 hours of African-American films, mostly dating from the 1920s and 30s. Here's an interview about it.

Here's a picture of the scarf I made for C's nephew. He loves it. He's even happier that it's machine-washable (Yay, acrylic). I did recommend he use a mesh bag so it doesn't get tangled up in the rest of the laundry. On his behalf, C asked me to make a matching neck gaiter. Glad I got that 3rd skein.

Here's the start of the neck gaiter I made for my brother, but I neglected to take a picture of the finished project. I've asked him to send me one. I did not sew on the buttons, since I wanted to fit it. I just left the buttons on the card and 'buttoned' it, after sewing around the buttonholes to stabilize them.
I made a lucky penny for my niece, too, but I neglected to get a photo of it. I also gave my SIL's sister and brother-in-law a snowflake I made. I thought I had a picture of it, but I don't. My niece likes her fuzzy fleece blanket and pottery state magnet with crystalline glaze. However, I forgot her calendar. Her fiance likes the corvette calendar C found. So that's good. Dad likes his military history calendar and we had a good laugh over the bobeches I gave K. I still haven't found the red necklace I bought for her. We told the story about her 2 bobeches from last year and 'oh no, her display has five candles.' Then she revealed she set out votives this year, about a dozen of them. Maybe I should make some votive candle frills next year. Bwahahaha.

I made my first ice drop. And the thread (vintage) broke as I was closing the last ring.
I've made one with green and white thread but I haven't taken a picture yet.

I have more wrapping to do. If anyone is interested, I'll talk about the presents I've received.