Saturday, August 20, 2016

RPGaDay 20

Most challenging but rewarding system have you learned?
Hmm, I've learned lots of systems. Although, unless you have a math or science degree, you never really learn Champions (at least the 1980s edition). That was challenging but meh on the rewarding. Ironclaw was rewarding, but not particularly challenging to learn.

I think the answer is Fate. It's not really a hard system but it's a very different mindset than the games I've been playing for the last..few decades. That made it a challenge for me to learn.

Friday, August 19, 2016

RPGaDay 19

Best Way to Learn a New Game

The best way to learn a game is to play it. You get something from reading the rules, from creating characters, even by having demo conflicts (skill, social, combat, etc), but you never really learn the game until you're at the table.

It's when the dice hit the table, you find out how the rules really work. You find the twists and turns and how they play out.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

RPGaDay 18

What innovation could RPGs benefit most from?
For map and miniature focused games, 3 dimensional hologram maps would be really cool. Come to think of it, anything that would make it easier to game long distance. I mean technology like Skype and Google+ Hangouts help, but real-time map interface, with miniature/icon sync, and better signal clarity would really help.

I have friends who moved to Canada, and I miss gaming with them. Or my high school friends, or gamers I've met online.

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

RPGaDay 17

What fictional character would best fit in my group?

Oh, um. It's easy to think of ones that won't fit (even if they are fun to read about). This is additionally complicated by my difficulty remembering names.

Oh, wait, I've got it, Harry Dresden. Leonard (from Big Bang Theory) is another easy one.

There just aren't many who play rpgs. Okay, there are some webcomic strip characters who play, but other than that, well, the numbers are limited. There's Diana Tregarde (from a Mercedes Lackey urban fantasy series). CD suggested Ivy Tamwood (from the Kim Harrison series). 

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Family and Tatting

I started the pendant for the beanile class at Palmetto Tat Days. The metallic red thread and black core beads are really pretty. The satin rattail and beads example didn't really work. The beads are too large. Oh well, it was worth a try.

Deadlands game on Thursday. We faced off against the same thug who falsely arrested my character before. Alas, she still failed to kill him. However, the mad scientist was accidentally killed (really, something moved under his clothes and we shot it, missed it and hit him).

Tuesday night a friend of mom's called. Mom needed me to visit. I asked my boss Wednesday morning and thankfully he was okay with it. Thank goodness for an understanding boss and a job with paid leave, and having paid leave to use. 

Friday morning, I went to go see Mom. She ignored the packing list I'd given her. I picked up CC on the way, taking her portable sewing machine. Mom wanted pockets put in her housedresses. We picked up Mom's tv, installed it in her room, took her out to lunch, then left CC at the center to sew the pockets, while Mom and I ran some errands and packed. We still missed a few things, but now she has some toiletries, real clothes beside house dresses, an alternate pair of shoes, etc. CC did a wonderful job of installing pockets.We moved Mom's car and headed home. We stopped halfway for gas and some snacks when I realized I'd left my wallet.

I checked my car again, backtracked to mom's car, mom's room, and then Mom's apartment. I'd left it on the washing machine. Since our washing machine stopped working, with a load of clothes in it, I'd taken those clothes to mom's apartment to wash and dry. I ended up being away from home for more than 12 hours and soooo tired. And I accidentally left my good stork scissors with CC.

But Saturday was the local tatters' meeting. Our usual meeting place (the library) is closed for renovations, so we're meeting at a Whole Foods community room. We can have chocolate at the meeting again. Anitra gave me my exhibit items (scarf, etc). Yay! I had a couple books as birthday presents for her husband and gave them to her.

I messed up my knitting. I noted down the pattern wrong. I bound off and ooh boy, I ran into tension problems. The left side is the cast on.

Sunday, CD and I went washing machine shopping. Luckily, Sears was having a sale. Now I just need to get the basement cleaned up enough to move washing machines through it. At least I have a week and a half.

CC and I met for supper Monday night. She needed a little venting time and I wanted my scissors back. I drank too much caffeine and had a little trouble getting to sleep.

Here, have some clouds.

beads are tooooo big

RPGaDay 16

Historic person you'd like in your game? What game?

Is he still historic if he died recently? I'd love to have played a game with Robin Williams. I think with him in the game I'd either want something really crunchy (rules!) like Shadowrun or something more narrative, like Spirits of the Century. I'm not sure how far he'd stray from his character, but I could see him playing a social chameleon character.

Farther back, Ada Lovelace would be cool. She's got that mathematically trained mind with the creativity she got from her father, but under better control. She imagined computer programming! Imagine what she could do with Shadowrun. Would she play a hacker?

Monday, August 15, 2016

RPGaDay 15

*Your best source of inspiration for RPGs*
That's another tough question. I get inspired by books, by movies, by tv shows, by news articles. by other games, and by notes in the game books. For example, the first adventure I wrote and ran at a con was based on stories of lost holy relics. It was one part from a Brother Cadfael mystery, one part from Victorian antique collectors, and one part from a note in the game book about territory changing hands.

My most recent Pathfinder character was inspired by a short reference about an NPC's background in a Pathfinder adventure (she's the NPC's daughter). I've had one inspired by a special character race boon in Pathfinder Society, and my Deadlands character was inspired by the real story of Bass Reeves.

Sunday, August 14, 2016

RPGaDay 14

Question 14: Dream Team of people who used to game with?
For most of them, I won't use actual names, because they are alive and might not appreciate me blasting their name throughout the internet.

So, Bill Elliot is one, AP (I haven't even seen or heard from her in years), JJ (high school friend who lives too far to game with easily), BF (who lives even farther away), MS (a college friend who also 'disappeared'), and SS (who just doesn't have time to game these days).

I know, that list tells you pretty much nothing about them. I met Bill in college and he was willing to play almost any game and willing to run most. I will never get a chance to play with him again unless there's an afterlife.

AP, well, she was one of my college roommates and we were good friends. But we parted ways my senior year and I've only seen her a couple of times since then.

I get to see JJ once a year and he's active in gaming in his area. I suppose we could try gaming long distance, but the technology for that only got to the point for it to be possible in the last decade. And we've never thought of it.

That goes for BF, too. He's in another state, in another time zone. Again, I should suggest a game via Google Hangouts or Skype or something.

MS had some neuro issues and didn't take her meds. She was fine for awhile but got worse. She went back to live her parents until she stabilized. She wrote for awhile and then stopped. I never heard from her again.

SS is fairly local. He only lives about 40 minutes away. But he has a more than full-time job.