Wednesday, January 31, 2007

tatting picture:
this is one of the ornaments that I made last year. Looks like size 80 with seed beads.

weather: why, when the temperature is almost the same, does it feel so much colder this morning? Is it because the ground temperature has cooled (it's been cool during the day & cold at night)? Yesterday, as long as I wasn't in the wind, I was fine; bundled up but fine. Today I was just as bundled up, or close enough, and I was cold - hands & face.

books: Read Beauty Pop, vol 1 & Wolf Speaker (vol 2 of Immortals). Finished Immortal in Death. Reading Ouran High School Host Club, vol 2 & Beauty Pop, vol 2.

clothes: navy slacks, suede boots (which match less well than I thought that they would), cream turtleneck, cream & country blue brocade vest, heart-shaped clay/pottern pin imprinted with a dragon in blue & cream, honking big silver pendant (almost the size of my palm) abstract in design on silver rope chain, blue bead & silver heart dangling earrings, flower band & ~rope band. Braided hair because loose hair tangles like mad when I wear the nylong coat & it's too cold not to wear my hat (bun & other styles won't fit).

update: yep, I have a cold. Head feels stuffed.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

update: I decided I wasn't in the mood to watch anything on tv (not even history, PBS or classic movie) so I played computer games. Part of that is because my tooth started hurting & I took a pain pill (ibuprofen wasn't enough). I was feeling a little wonky, thanks to the meds. I'm so glad that I don't drive to & from work. Much safer. I played Diner Dash 2. I am uncertain as to why my post is underlined & I have no idea why this part is in bold.

picture of the day (I found the 'upload photo' button again): it's a beetle that I saw outside work, a few months ago

Chris's D&D: It's the first time we've played since mid-December. We finally finished up our island adventures and we'd gotten re-assigned. We were off to the dwarf stronghold of Skyreach. We stopped off in the town of Hartsford. Unfortunately, our dwarf Vertum (David) spotted his old commander; the one hit & defenestrated. Hey, he wasn't hurt that badly, they were only on the second floor. That's how Verturm ended up getting transferred from the Watch to the Scouts. And said commander had been promoted. Ick. Then my character, Kelis spotted her old commander; the one that got her transferred to the Scouts. He had also been promoted. And they were seated together. And they were the Watch & Garrison commanders for the town of Hartsford.

The caravan to Skyreach wasn't leave for seven days; Vertum & Kelis decided that they'd rather wait outside town & wait for it to catch up than stick around and risk catching unwelcome attention. Alas, it was too late. The Watch & two military inquisitors showed up, & 'found' papers stolen from the commander's office in Vertum's gear. That's where we left off, trying to figure out how to get Vertum out of the frame up & on to our assignment.

books: I finally finished Med Ship. It was really 8 stories with one theme. Some of the material is dated but the writing is still good. I think I'll look for more stuff by Murray Leinster. I started (& almost finished) re-reading Immortal in Death.

clothes: another cold day, so it's a white turtleneck, the black
(w/ blue swirls) shawl collar sweater my sister-in-law & family gave me for Christmas, black twill pants (a little loose since I bought them 15# ago), grey suede boots, moonstone earrings, ring & pendant (the large one, on silver rope chain), & flower band. I braided my hair & then had to re-braid it when I got to work. That one lock keeps escaping & looks sloppy.

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Monday, January 29, 2007

Living Greyhawk: Since the mod that I ran on Saturday is still active, I can't give any details (unfair to those who haven't played it). But the big bad at the end? The really big battle? Lasted 3 rounds. Two of which the big bad cast defensive spells. In the 3rd round, the offensive spell backfired & killed the bad guy. Yeah. The game ended early.

Forgotten Realms: Rosemary ran her home game for the first time since November. I missed the last session or two so they had to recap. We didn't, quite, break the adventure. But we did change history (our characters are 12 years in the past, during the time the gods were booted out of the divine realms & were wandering amidst their worshippers). We are in Tantris, where Torm is about to fight Bane. Our paladin/cleric of Torm is disturbed by rumors (with some evidence) that people who don't worship Torm are disappearing. While staying at the temple, he, duh, prays. While his god is about 30 feet away. Gee, guess who answers. As a result, Torm spends the morning finding out the truth about these rumors. The high priest (& his cronies) who has wandered to LN instead of LG finds himself booted out of the the god himself.

Rosemary found a way that our Torm paladin doesn't volunteer to serve as a divine power bar like the rest of the Torm faithful (backstory: Bane was coming, filled with power from the worshippers he'd gotten killed, Torm needed to match that power but wouldn't murder people to do it - instead he asked his followers to volunteer to power his avatar. They would die but it was voluntary. As part of it, he promised that he would not take their children & would make certain that they were protected. Our paladin was one of those children, both his parents died for Torm that day). It was a worry about how we would prevent our paladin from dying before his to speak.

Note: velour skirt & nylon coat have issues. The lining of my coat kept riding up this morning.

toothache: my tooth & jaw hurts again this weekend. Not badly enough that I grabbed the heavy painkiller but enough that I looked for soft foods to eat.

forgetful me: I got halfway to the bus stop this morning & realized that I'd left my purse on the couch. I almost turned around to get it but realized that if I did, I'd miss the bus. As it was, I almost did. I had to run to catch it.

Books: I re?-read Scoundrel by Debra Dier. It's a decently good Regency with a different premise. Girl only wants to marry for love but after 5 years of Seasons, she figures it's going to take awhile. Meanwhile her sisters aren't allowed to have their Seasons until she gets married. So she fakes a whirlwind elopement & a fake (immediately returned to his troops) military husband. However, there's someone smuggling arms to the French (Napoleonic era, remember) using her father's shipping company. Her father is a suspect. So a government agent is sent to investigate & he takes the identity of her fake husband. She can't denounce him as a fake without a 'real' husband so she's stuck. There are some other, somewhat entertaining complications. While not a 'omg what an incredible book', it is a good, entertaining book with a nice mix of suspense & humor. I also re-read the first book in the Immortals series by Tamora Pierce, Wild Magic. It's a fave. I bought & read Terrier: Beka Cooper by the same author; it's her latest. I also read vol 1 of Ouran High School Host Club & vol 1 of Hibiki's Magic. There's another manga that I read this weekend but I don't remember which one.

clothes: This weekend I stuck to black t-shirts, jeans & tennis shoes. I also wore a large black, buttoned shirt over it, that whole layered, cool vs warm thing. Today, since it's so cold, I'm wearing my tall (black) boots, leggings, (brown, velour, broomstick) skirt, (fuschia) turtleneck & (dark teal blue) sweater. I braided my hair & I'm wearing celtic knotwork jewelry.

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Friday, January 26, 2007

Mutants & Masterminds game: Just when we've almost beat those superpowered neo-nazis into the ground, who shows up?! Thulish superpowered folks. Wraith was busy creating duplicates, which were getting in a couple shots & then getting destroyed. Luckily, with his teleportation he could take villains to holding cells in Freedom Hall once we'd knocked them unconscious. That kept any that regained consciousness from rejoining the fight (like Rebel who kept popping back up like a jack-in-the-box). Troll & Lady Celtic joined the fight (Diana was back in town & Rosemary didn't have nightcall - poor Diana was so tired, they'd changed her schedule so that she worked on Thursday & it had been a looong day).

Having those two helped. Lady Celtic used tk to grab the point of contention, a diary, before she got grabbed. She managed to create a pocket dimension to drop the diary into so that no one could grab it from her. Not bad considering she was blind & deaf as well as grappled. Once more Wraith scared somebody (in this case the three pilots of the Thule flying saucer/device/thingy). When that works, it works very well.

His dice turned bad, though. Against one bad guy, he had trouble rolling above a 7. On a d20. *shakes head in sympathy*

We had to call time on the fight. All of us have to go to work in the morning so we only play until 10 pm. We'll continue the fight next time. That makes it a 3 game session fight. Whew.

books: I finished Trickster's Queen this morning. I'm getting toward the end of Odds Against.

clothes: cold day today so I dressed warmly. It's the suede boots again (it feels so odd to wear something with any kind of heel, even this low bootheel), black jeans, black knit shirt (embroidered with Bugs Bunny & Tasmanian Devil playing baseball) completely concealed under a red cotton sweater with ribbed turtleneck. For jewelry, I'm wearing a pendant that Richard gave me years ago, a quartz point carved with a feather; on that silver, twisted rope chain. That's the nice thing about winter, I wear turtlenecks, etc so it's a good time to pull out my long chains. My earrings today are silver feather charms & quartz chips. I'm wearing both the red stone ring & the black stone one on the same finger & the opposite hand I'm wearing the ~rope band.

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Thursday, January 25, 2007

Knitting: All I have to do now, is get the scarf off the loom. I read up on how to do that, last night. Now I just need to do it.

cellphone: After a week & a half, my cell phone's charge finally ran down. It beeped incessantly, reminding me that the battery was almost out of juice. Since it's the first time that it as done so, I let it fully run out & am recharging it this morning.

sight of the day: long, black square toed shoes/maybe boots, charcoal grey jeans or slacks with frayed hem at the heels, grey/black tweed coat, black turtleneck & lighting a cigarette & carrying a black leather bag/soft briefcase. He looked like a model playing a 'college grad student/TA. Almost too stereotypical.

books: Finally started reading Odds Against, the Dick Francis I've been carrying all week. I'm about halfway through Trickster's Queen. That old Krentz that I read; it was Uneasy Alliance, not Unlikely.

Website of humor: these two ladies don't review books, they review covers. About halfway down the page I was collapsed over my keyboard with laughter.

clothes: charcoal grey suede boots under black jeans, sage green turtleneck under black faux-suede shirt, emerald & gold post earrings (from Bro & sis-in-law a couple years ago), black stone ring (I don't have any gold ones), & diamond chip & emeral heart pendant in gold (Christmas present from Chris).

Later addendum: for some reason my sock cuffs are unreasonably attracted to my ankles. They keep diving down to reach them.

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

When will I learn? Once again I stayed up a little too late. This time I was playing games on my computer.

knitting: the yarn is now small enough to conceal in my fist. The scarf is about 6' long. Almost done.

books: I stopped reading Dark Prince, I got out of that mood. I haven't started anything else but I brought a Dick Francis to work with me. I read a little more of Trickster's Queen.

clothes: black Geoff polo under the same sweater as yesterday (which I took off because I'm a trifle warm), black jeans (the ones my mom hemmed), black suede shoes (like suede keds in some ways), black stone ring, Celtic knot earrings & ring & andromorph pendant on long (same) chain. Braided my hair again, too.

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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

sleepy I ended up staying awake to watch CSI: Miami last night. I probably shouldn't have as it shorted me of sleep. It was a pretty good episode, though.

site of the day: Sci Fi, Fantasy & Horror Book review site. I need to take a look to see if our tastes mesh but so far so good from the ones that I've scanned (& I found that the next Kitty book comes out in March).

Books: Finished Desire, and finished re-reading Unlikely Alliance by Jayne Ann Krentz writing as Stephanie James (Amanda Quick's real name). It's a re-issue of a very old book of hers. I can't even find a listing for it. Then I started re-reading Dark Prince by Christine Feehan. My bedtime book (ie the book I read before I fall asleep) is Trickster's Queen. Another re-read.

clothes: dark grey suede boots (yay, I lost enough weight to wear them), black jeans, black knit shirt concealed under dark fuschia sweater (w/ navy, purple & teal design near hem), braided hair, flower band ring, red & black stone rings (forgot to take them off last night), moonstone ring, rainbow moonstone earrings & rainbow moonstone pendant on same chain as yesterday. I'm also wearing a bracelet but that's hidden by my sweater cuff.

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Monday, January 22, 2007

Weather: I'm uncertain whether to be relieved or regretful that nothing materialized overnight. We left Rosemary's late last night (about 9 pm) so I was starving. It was cold & rainy but not literally freezing. I was sooo cold, mostly I didn't dress well enough for the weather (tee, jeans, loafers & thin socks).

sight of the yesterday: Chris & I went looking at the area not too far from where he works & see what kind of housing they have. We saw one development that looked good. Only 3 houses built so far, lots of trees and half the lots were over 1.5 acres (the other half less than 1). As we turned around on a cul-de-sac to be, we startled a deer. I've never seen one with such a large white flag. It was interesting & unexpected.

sight of the day: a young woman eating her pizza using chopsticks.

: almost finished re-reading Desire by Amanda Quick. It's one of the free books that I picked up. I have a copy somewhere, so once I'm finished it, I'll release this copy 'into the wild' as it were. I like it, it's a pretty good book (obviously, since I'm re-reading it).

black ugg boots (more or less, I really need to replace them, they're too big for me), long cotton black skirt embroidered with orange, light teal, pink, white, & ~lime open flowers on one edge near the hem, burgundy turtleneck, quilted cotton bolero vest printed with not quite paisly, black stone ring, red stone ring, flower band, onyx pendant on long twisted rope chain, & onyx earrings. I've braided my hair because nothing else fits under my cap.

If you're still reading do me a favor & drop a comment. I'm curious as to how many (if any) people read this.

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Sunday, January 21, 2007

Books I took almost 30 books to the used bookstore & brought back less than 10. I bought 3, picked up 5 free ones (most of which will be set free). I took back 2 (trade paperback & another). I bought Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain & 2 manga. I also moved some books around (like the immense amount in the bathroom went to the closet). I listed all the ones in the stacks closest but not next to the bed

Living Greyhawk: In today's I'm playing my barbarian, Kayla Swordspinner, and it's only her second time outside the territories outside the Bright Lands. She's a little puzzled, it's very different from what she's used to.

Hair oddities: I pulled my hair up into a knot with rest of my hair in a ponytail. I have two frosted blue acrylic hairsticks with 4 tiny rhinestones to hold the knot into place. Most of my hair is pulled back smoothly. Except. Except two strands that form little loops that flop to one side. Very odd.

Addendum: weatherwise we dodged the bullet. We had some sleet & freezing rain yesterday but the ground is still too warm for the ground level water to freeze. And then it warmed up just enough for the rain to remain liquid, not frozen. It's less than pleasant but it's not dangerous.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

Tasks I haven't gotten much done. But I have pulled 25 books from my piles to go to the used bookstore. I took a short bath, washed my hair, the usual. I took a pain pill but so far it's only made me dizzy. I've also put some items aside to go to Goodwill/Thrift shop. That results in cleaning up the foyer (big word, small area) so I'll have room to put up my shoes again.

Tooth Extraction: I talked to Rosemary. From what she's told me, I've changed my mind about getting my tooth removed first thing. I thought that afterwards I could go to work but she says that once the anesthetics wear off, I'll be in a lot of pain. So better to work half a day & then go get my tooth removed. I'll call the office on Monday & see about rescheduling.

Neat website (shopping): Global Crafts for your fair trade shopping needs

New button for my blog: I'm adding the button for the yahoo group, Here-be-tatters. So I'm off to edit my template.

books the book I read was Christmas Fantasy not Fantasy Lover. It's by Janelle Denison, an author that I like. I also re-read Trickster's Choice. I have it in hardback. I really like Tamora Pierce. I finished reading If Only in My Dreams. I liked it but I don't think that I'll re-read it. It's about an actress in a WWII period film, who learns that she has cancer right before shooting starts. Then on the first day of filming, she finds herself suddenly back in time, meeting the people that her film is about. It's a good love story (the ending is actually happy), but it's somewhat bittersweet.

clothes rainbow tie-dyed Chicago 2000 tour tee, blue jeans & slippers (unless I end up going outside).

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Friday, January 19, 2007

Medication: hydrocone has side effects. The ones that I'm suffering include dizziness (uncomfortable but bearable), drowsiness (also bearable), nausea & vomiting. At least I made it to the bathroom. And I do feel a little bit better now. Which means that when the meds wear off, I will avoid taking them unless my tooth hurts too much not to.

NOTE: I felt much better after I threw up (about 10 am) even if I did make a bit of a mess in the bathroom (which I cleaned up as much as I could, then called housekeeping to tend what I failed to).

books I finished the Fantasy Lover (not the real title) that I started yesterday. It's one of the silhouette or similar. It was kind of funny. Teddy & Austin meet through his business, Fantasy for Hire. His company fulfills women's fantasies, for 20 minutes. Her friends bought her a cowboy and Austin's regular dancer couldn't show so Austin had to fill in. She hired him to pose as her boyfriend to keep her lecherous boss as bay. It was a pretty good story. I've also started Rough & Ready by Sandra Hill.

clothes: new brown broomstick velour skirt (Hancock's, on sale this past weekend), burgundy rib knit shirt (& when I cool off, dark teal sweater with flag appliques), black boots, tan & grey agate ring, flower band, paui shell pendant, blue & brass earrings. My hair is braided because I didn't want to wash it in this cold weather.

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

toothache Monday afternoon, as I was leaving Jacksonville, my right molar started hurting. It got so bad, that it woke me at 3:30 am Tuesday. I went to work & looked up a dentist. I have an appointment in a few minutes. I bought some orajel & I took painkillers, but at best the various medications put a dent in the pain, which got bad enough that the aura of pain extended to give me an earache. I went to bed at 7:30 pm, woke at 8:30 and occasionally napped but the longest span of time to stay asleep was 2 hours. I was ready to weep with pain. I finally understood how a toothache could drive someone mad.

I slept almost half an hour by the time my alarm went off, so I went to work Wednesday. I lasted for half an hour before I had to get some sleep. I slept for 40 minutes and my boss sent me home. Of course, I missed the 9:20 bus & the next one headed in the right direction is not until 11:34. So I took one to the RTP station. It was way too cold to wait outside. I slept in the station and took the 11:15 bus home. Luckily I'd parked at the shopping center (I was not up to my usual walk), so I bought some more painstuff and some soup to drink. It's been hard to eat (duh) so I was starving, again.

After I drank some broth, I napped in my car & then drove the mile to get home. And slept. And drank more soup. And napped. The new pain stuff really helped. Right now, my tooth hurts a little but it's the difference between a balpeen hammer & a sledge hammer.

Snow It snowed this morning. Since the ground is warm (~40F I think I heard), the snow melted on the roads, etc. So it was more pretty than dangerous. Alas, it turned to rain & mostly melted away.

cellphone I have a new one. And the difference between technology meant that I got a new number. Here's the silly part. I had to call someone with caller id to find out my new number.

books I've read a few since Friday. There's Girl's Guide to Witchcraft by Melinda Klasky. That's chick lit but I enjoyed it. There's no happily ever after but she does end on a happier note. A librarian at a small, Colonial-focused library finds a secret stash of books on witchcraft & accidentally casts a spell. Dark Whispers by Samantha Carver; quasi-paranormal romance in Historical England. The heroine partially owns a bookshop & she's not rich, etc. The hero is a Bow Street Runner and also not rich. I liked it. I re-read Wolf's Head, Wolf's Heart by Jane Lindskold, a fantasy adventure. There's also Pleasure Slave, a fantasy romance by Gena Showalter. That one has an interesting premise, a warrior is cursed to 'reside' in a jewelry box and do whatever the owner (female) wants. She owns an antique/junk shop and it was better than the premise promised. There was more to the story than it appeared at first.

clothes Over the weekend I wore jeans & t-shirts. Since I only packed one (I thought it would be cooler so I took turtlenecks), it was lucky that Aunt Dot gave me some. They all have Miami Parks Dept on them. She can't give them to anyone in Miami because several have 'supervisor' or lifeguard on them. Tuesday I wore a blue/purple cotton/poly shirt (looks purple & then blue as the light shifts), grey corduroy vest and black jeans. Wednesday I wore a pink turtleneck, black jeans, black ugh boots (warm) and forgot to wear jewelry. Today, I wore black jeans, red turtleneck sweater, & black loafers.

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Friday, January 12, 2007

No raptor this morning. There was a dark clump in that tree, but I think that it was squirrel nest.

Fingernails: The number shorter than yesterday due to chipping, clipping or ripping is 7. I only clipped 2 really, the others either ripped or I chipped & then clipped. Only the middle finger on my right hand has a fingernail of anything resembling length. My left thumbnail is the shortest; showing only a thin line of white nail beyond the nail bed.

Gaming: Mutants & Masterminds last night. Only three of us showed (Diana's out of town & Rosemary had night call) but we continued along the plotline anyway. Dave sent us 'news items' from Freedom City yesterday to help prepare us for the events of the evening. Supervillains that we'd captured had been released thanks to the unconstitutional treatment by the previous prison warden. So we had to fight them again. We got lucky and took two of the hardest out quickly. The others were giving us problems. But while my character is beaten & bloody, so is one of the three remaining on their side (they started with 5, we had 3). And Wraith is creating more duplicates & that always helps.

Books: I finished NtFbF, finally. It was okay. Maybe if I'd read straight through it would have been better. I like the protagonist pretty well so I don't know what my problem with the book was. I've started Shakespeare's Champion. I took the department car to be inspected so I had extra time to read morning (waiting for transport back to office).

It's really the 2nd book in the series so I don't know why it wasn't listed in the ealier books, ie Shakespeare's Trollop. They're a mystery series set in Shakespeare, Arkansas. The protagonist is Lily Bard, a rape survivor who cleans houses and works out. Due to her experiences, she's definitely different. I kind of like her.

clothes It's cool but not as cold today but I still decided to wear a turtleneck & vest. The turtleneck is Carolina blue and the vest is navy corduroy embroidered with flowers, vines & leaves in tan, cream, sage, pale blue & lilac (the flower petals are filled in with the lilac, cream & blue). It goes well with the navy slacks and dark brown loafers. The navy trouser socks are barely visible. I went with the Celtic anthromorph pendant on one of my longer silver chains, plus Celtic knot ring & ~celtic knot earrings. On the other hand I'm wearing a braided silver ring. Since I washe d my hair this morning my bangs actually look good. I braided my hair to keep it out of the way. It won't dry but at least it won't be making my back cold.


Thursday, January 11, 2007

Raptor 3 It was there again this morning (but yesterday evening when I got home). I really need to get out of the house early enough to use my telephoto lens to get a better look at it.

Big Jake We watched this last night (& I stayed up late to see the end). It's a good movie with some great quotes. The actor who played Sam Sharpnose is the same guy who saved Faye Wray in King Kong. I also played some computer games & entered some books at Librarything (see 'my bookshelf') on the links to the right).

Books I finished Sleeping with the Fishes at lunch yesterday. I sort of started Bloodsucking Fiends this morning before reverting to Nothing to Fear But Ferrets.

Clothes Black slacks (w/ leggings underneath - it's coooold this morning), socks, & loafers, with a dark green turtleneck & ~patchwork black/tan/cream vest with Chinese coin toggle/buttons (vest is reversible). My jewelry is my green amber set along with the ~rope band ring & the fem figure ring. I've alternated between braiding my hair (w/ a bright green elastic) & letting it hang loose. Either way, I have two small dark grey hair clips trying to keep the 'used to be bangs but now growing out' strands out of my face.

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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Same raptor? It looked the same this morning & it looked like it was in the same place. I need to get binoculars or my telephoto camera lens to get a closer look at it.

Funny thing:
  • today "I choked on a football player because I'm NOT a homosexual."
    Try this. This is, mildly, funny!

    Pick the month you were born:

    January--I kicked

    February--I loved

    March--I smoked

    April--I dry humped

    May--I choked on

    June--I murdered

    July--I did the Macarena with

    August--I had lunch with

    September--I danced with

    October--I sang to

    November--I yelled at

    December--I ran over

    Pick the day (number) you were born on:

    1--------a birdbath

    2--------a monster

    3--------a phone

    4--------a fork

    5--------a Mexican

    6--------a gangster

    7--------my cell phone

    8--------my dog

    9--------my best friends' boyfriend

    10-------my neighbor

    11-------my science teacher

    12-------a banana

    13-------a fireman

    14-------a stuffed animal

    15-------a goat

    16-------a pickle

    17-------your mom

    18-------a spoon


    20-------a baseball bat

    21-------a ninja

    22-------Chuck Norris

    23-------a noodle

    24-------a squirrel

    25-------a football player

    26-------my sister

    27-------my brother

    28-------an ipod

    29-------a permanent marker

    30-------a llama

    31-------A homeless guy

    Pick the color of shirt you are wearing:

    White-------because I'm cool like that

    Black-------because that's how I roll.

    Pink--------because I'm NOT a homosexual.

    Red---------because the voices told me to.

    Blue--------because I'm sexy and I do what I want

    Green------because I hate myself.

    Purple------because I'm cool.

    Gray--------because I was drunk

    Yellow-----because someone offered me 1,000,000 dollars

    Orange-----because I hate my family.

    Brown------because I was high.

    Other-------because I'm a ninja.

    None-------because I can't control myself

    books Finished Punch! vol 2, read DearS vol 8, R.O.D. (Read or Dream) vol 1, and started Musashi #9, vol 9. I'm re-reading Sleeping with the Fishes.

    clothes Fuschia pink turtleneck (subtle texture check design), blue denim jumper, black thigh-high boots, pink hair elastic on braid, turquoise (probably dyed howlite), pendant, silver feather with embedded turquoise chip earrings, green turquoise & silver band, turquoise & silver ring.

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  • Tuesday, January 09, 2007

    Can I go to sleep now? I don't know what it is. I've had two cups of tea (hot, flavored, black, sweetened with splenda), about 6 glasses of water and I'm still so sleepy I can't stand it.

    Raptor sighting As I came out the door this morning, I happened to look up & see a raptor in the the tree across the street. I can't be any more specific than that because I couldn't get a good look. It has a pale chest & dark wings. That only eliminates turkey vultures & black vultures. I guessed that it might be redtail hawk but my neighbor thought it might be an immature bald or golden eagle.

    booksI've read Punch! vol 1 & I'm in the middle of vol 2. I've read Hana Kimi up through vol 15. I'm still reading The Little Lady Agency and Nothing to Fear but Ferrets.

    clothes It's colder today, so I'm wearing a cream turtleneck with a crocheted burgundy vest (open work), black jeans, black socks (heavier than yesterday's), black loafers, ~rope band, fem-power ring, black bead & ~silver ~chandelier earrings, onyx pendant on large, longer silver rope chain. My hair is loose (I finally brushed it).

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    Monday, January 08, 2007

    So Hungry Last night I (we) had supper at Crazy Fire, a great Mongolian-style barbecue restaurant. By we, I mean Chris, Anitra, Steve & I. I love Crazy Fire, but last night, when we got home, Crazy Fire did not love me. Erk. I finally got to bed, with tummy still hurting, about midnight. Just in time to have anxiety dreams. I don't remember much but it was very childhood heroes (like Winnie the Pooh-type heroes) turn evil. I was desperately trying to get a message out to the dragon, who'd help me rescure the rest of the toys, if I could just get a letter to him.

    This morning I'm absolutely ravenous. And of course, late to bed & uneasy dreams = late rise & no time to fix anything for breakfast. I stopped by the store & picked up a Luna bar. Ate 2 Luna bars by lunch, still starving (they just put a pause in the hunger, not a full stop).

    Rain hazards
    It's raining this morning, which is a good thing. The drought a year before last is vivid enough in my memory that I try not complain about a little rain. The thing that I will complain about is the worms. See, the situation is this. I take the bus to work. And since the bus stop is not immediately outside my house, I walk to the stop. My neighborhood has some very nice paths; I hesitate to call them sidewalks because they are rarely right next to the road. There is often a hill, trees or both between road & path; a good thing I think you'll agree.

    Since there are trees next to the path for most of the length that I follow it, it's not surprising that there are often leaves on it. Also, since many of those trees are pines, there are often needles on the path. The grounds people do a good job of keeping the paths clear enough of leaves & needles that it's rarely a walking hazard. Except when it's raining. Did you know that an earthworm, one that's straight, can be mistaken for a brown pine needle? And vice versa? I try not to walk on worms, we need them for our soil & plants, but walking along that path during the rain is like walking through a crawling mine field.

    books I borrowed Braced 2 Bite from Steve last night. And read it while waiting for my digestive system to straighten itself out. I also read Tail of the Moon, vol 1.

    clothes Yesterday was blue jeans, old blue Chimeracon tee, quartz pendants & moonstone pendant necklace, silver feather & quartz chip earring (that Steve had to fix over supper as one feather came off the wire), flower band & ~rope band, with navy socks & dark brown loafers.

    Today, for work, it's black jeans, socks & loafers with black/green Harrington Steading polo with black ring, silver hoops earrings & flower fairy necklace.

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    Sunday, January 07, 2007

    Accomplishments I slept. A lot. I slept about 9 hours last night, more than 2 hours this afternoon & then another hour after supper. I guess I was a little tired.

    knitting I checked my scarf; it's now up to 5 feet. Wow.

    Books Finished Betsy the Vampire Queen & The Devil's Bride. Read Mistral's Kiss again. Another book read while not posting: Birthright by Nora Roberts.

    clothes blue jeans, dark green Greensboro tee, navy socks, dark brown suede loafers, ~rope band, fem band, 3 ages of women pendant & silver feather & quartz chip earrings. My hair is still braided after being washed yesterday.

    Got a present from Mike. He sent a Nepalese-made diary. It's neat. I don't know whether to draw or to write in it.

    I've started writing down the Duchess story. It may end up being a fantasy-genre romance. The story starts as she's abdicating. We'll see how it goes.

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    Friday, January 05, 2007

    Nebraska Ice Storm: This guy has photos that just have to be seen to be believed. We get ice storms around here, but not like that! The multitude of trees helps to prevent that.

    knitting: I now have over 3 feet of scarf made. The ball of yarn is perceptibly smaller. I've been tucking it into the middle of the loom; I have to be careful doing that now, lest it fall into the scarf.

    tatting: I found my picot gauge. Tatting can re-commence. Once I've joined the new thread in...again. Once again the variegated red thread broke.

    stuff: The power cord that I left at James' & Liz's arrived yesterday. Thank goodness. My laptop battery only has a few hours of life in it.

    I was only able to meet Carry briefly yesterday (just after the building closed). I didn't even get to show her my scarf (but I showed my neighbor Nancy this morning, on the way to the bus stop). She had a dvd for me & her SO's old palm. I haven't gotten it started yet but maybe I can do that this weekend.

    books Betsy the Vampire Queen arrived the other day, but since it's hardback, I'm only reading it at home. I'm also reading The Devil's Bride, Nothing to Fear but Ferrets & I just finished Star Soldiers at lunch. I'm having a hard time sticking to one book, does it show? Plus I've got Sherrilan Kenyon's latest started.

    clothes: I really need to do laundry. Part of the reason (plus the weather) I'm wearing a denim jumper over a blue & white striped shirt, with short sleeves, yet. In January! I'm not even wearing boots, I'm wearing white tennis shoes (w/ navy socks). Turns out that they opened the road early, Monday I'll resume wearing loafers & other office appropriate footwear to work. No more extra 10 minute walks before & after work.


    Thursday, January 04, 2007

    Experiment: let's leave the stuff there at the bottom & see what it does.

    holidays really played havoc with my blog schedule; heck with my on-line schedule. I have email that I haven't checked since Christmas.

    clothes today's: black jeans & tennis shoes, grey Dendarii polo shirt, onyx earrings, small labdourite pendant, flower ring, black stone ring, stone & crystal bead bracelet.

    books: lots, TimeTraders by Andre Norton(thank you again, Baen), Mistral's Kiss by Laurell Hamilton, re-read Curse of Chalion by Bujold. Midnight Bayou by Nora Roberts. There are others but it's been almost 2 weeks and I don't remember them all.

    presents I have a new shawl (black & brown), a black sweater embroidered with variegated blue/green spirals, socks (very important), Straight Outta Lynwood by Weird Al & Struggle from the Subway to the Charts by Nuttin' But Stringz, an emerald necklace, animal anatomy for artists book, sketchbook, Manga villains book, two candles, some Mighty Leaf tea, a couple gift certs, tracfone renewal for my phone,and other assorted oddments.

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