Friday, May 28, 2004

Last night I actually made it to bed more or less on time. I also walked 20 minutes to catch the bus farther down the road than I usually do. Lindsey was on that bus. She's reading Good Omens as I recommended. She's enjoying it immensely. If she wasn't working on Monday she could play RPGA:LG with us. Oh well.

Chris is playing Beyond Good & Evil still. He's farther along than I am, now. I have barely entered the factory & he's deep inside it. I have lots to do to catch up.

I spent a few minutes last night going through some of the books in the basement. I have them in 3 piles. One pile is take to sell at a used book store, if they don't sell then take them to Goodwill or the like. Second pile is old paperbacks that belong to a library, I need to return those. The third pile, & the largest so far, are books that I plan to keep. Hey, getting rid of any is progress.

Today's outfit: navy slacks, brown loafers, brown belt, floral (sort of) silk blouse (it has large red flowers, iron gates/benches, yellow flowers, green leaves and wood bench/fence), silver band - 2-strand braid, green amber ring, earrings & necklace. I had my hair twisted up in my large brass hair 'clip' earlier. But I took it down a few minutes ago. The loose hair wasn't hanging straight & it was starting to drive me nuts.

My brother, sister-in-law & my niece sent me a great b'day present. They sent me 2 old tatting shuttles. One is a Just-rite, it's not in as good as shape as my other Just-rite but I suspect that it's older. I dashed off a quick thank-you email to my brother & when I wrote a letter to my niece today, I added thanks there too.

I need to do another 5 points to finish the lace for Anitra. I've done 22" on the white lace. I may have finally decided what to do for my State Fair project. I will add a lace edging to some gloves. I have a lovely 1920's pattern I can use. It's a 2-color pattern. I just need to decide what colors.

I'm looking forward to my 3-day weekend. I'm gaming tomorrow, Living Greyhawk; home game: Forgotten Realms, on Sunday then another Living Greyhawk game on Monday & then another home game of AD&D 3.5 that evening. Wheee. Tonight & tomorrow I have to clean up the living room & dining room enough to play. Not so whee.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

Last night was the 4th night in a row that I went to bed late. I really need to get to bed earlier tonight. I'm so tired today that I bought a 20 oz diet pepsi, even without vanilla, to help me get started this morning. The game, a Living Kalamar playtest, went pretty well. Today I'm, off & on, working on reading through it to make helpful suggestions, etc.

Today's outfit: grey Carolina Ren Festival 2002 polo, black & white cotton gauze skirt (it's a broomskirt really, like all my cotton gauze skirts), black loafers, onyx & silver earrings (from Fair Trade), onyx ring, silver 2-strand braid band, a simple silver chain & my hair is loose. I had it up earlier & didn't like it.

My left should still hurts a little. The books I carried yesterday for last night's game were very heavy (3 hardback game books plus 1 paperback game book plus assorted papers & dice). I think I strained something, or at least stressed it. It's feeling better than it did yesterday, at least.

Joe paid for supper last night. We went to Italian Pie in Cary. It's not far from Earl's & since that was the game location, that was important. They have excellent lasagna. Joe & I both had to box half our meal. It's near the crossroads of Harrison & Maynard, across from the new Staples. I have another reason for wanting to remember that; a used bookstore is near that Staple's: Mr. Mike's Used Books. *chortle*

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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

So, I just took a half-day off yesterday. I went home as soon as my lunch relief had arrived, after I'd briefed him on what needed doing. I thought about stopping for Chinese food but ended up eating leftovers. I played Beyond Good & Evil for hours. I really like that game. When Chris came home I played a little longer, then let him have a turn. I'd accidentally overwritten his saved game, so it was only right.

Yesterday's outfit: light cotton gauze skirt, dark blue knit shirt, hair sticks holding a half-bun, & the usual jewelry plus my new loafers. Today's outfit: different light cotton gauze skirt, pale blue ~spaghetti strap tank, turquoise open hole knit 3/4 length sleeve shirt, same loafers, rainbow moonstone cabochon (like it's ever any other cut) pendant & earrings, moonstone ring, spoon ring & ~turquoise-colored hairsticks holding a half-bun in my hair. For an outfit put together because I have no clean bras, it works very well (the pale blue tank has a built-in bra).

I'm trying to update my Living Kalamar character. It's not being easy. I can't find a good conversion document & I thought I had the character creation doc, but I can't find it.

Monday, May 24, 2004

Jury service (sit around & read all day just in case I get called) last Monday, on the 17th. Busy the rest of the week trying to catch up.

Today's outfit: new black loafers (Faded Glory: Jessie) bought on Friday, black & white cotton gauze skirt, black heavy cotton gauze blouse (round neck, elbow-length sleeves), black tatted necklace w/ black beads, matching earring, black glass/quartz bead bracelet, onyx band, silver spoon ring & bone 2-prong hair stick.

Dad came by yesterday, brought my 'new' desk. He bought it while he worked for the Post Office in LaJunta, CO. It was used then. It's survived the house fire in '74 and it's solid wood so it still looks better & is in better shape than the desk it replaced. That desk was my step-grandfather's computer desk in bought in the late '80's.

Dad took Chris & I out to dinner at Ted's Montana grill. The bison pot roast was maybe a little heavy for midday but it was really good & I was really hungry. I cleared my plate & then had their strawberry shortcake with ice cream, with Dad's help. I've decided that while their food is good, their desserts don't exactly blow my skirt up.

Friday, May 14, 2004

Today's outfit: purple silk blouse, black faux-suede slacks, black loafers, 'silver' earrings with black beads, tri-fem pendant on short chain, onyx ring, thin silver braid ring & hair caught up in a thick, black elastic band. I really need to replace these loafers. The inner sole is not attached at the toes, only at the heels. So they creep as I walk. Sounds like trip to Wal-mart. I'd like to get more expensive ones that wouldn't do that, but only Wal-mart carries the style that I like. Isn't that kind of sad?

Copeland's last night was very good. I love baked sweet potato. The crabcakes were a trifle spicy, but that's no surprise. The steamed vegetables were heavy on the cauliflower. The conversation was a good if a bit heavy on the computer talk. Considering the company of 1 programmer & 2 tech support people, that too was no surprise.

Kathy liked the two crossstitch kits, no surprise, they both have cats. The B&N gift cert from Chris & Rosemary was also well-received. She seemed almost surprised that she got presents. Kind of odd. The card I found was really good & I need to get another one like it for Mike. It was 5 reasons for buying a birthday card: #3 was the voices in my head. Very appropos considering Mike's frequent remarks concerning his 'God told me to do that. Well, the voice says he's God. And why would God lie about a thing like that.' Silly Mike. He's not schizophrenic, just a microbiology grad student.

I found a card for Diana's graduation. It's also pretty funny. I just don't know what to get her for graduation. Maybe a gift cert to B&N or the like? Tonight I go get Joe's birthday present. We're buying him a rail game. Tomorrow night, after Diana's graduation & maybe Artsplosure we're taking him to the seafood place at Southpoint.

I need to finish cleaning off my desk.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

Today's oufit: short sleeve, collarless chambray shirt; denim vest, navy broadcloth skirtv, brown loafers; stamped leather hair clip; turquoise & coral earrings; both turquoise rings, & two different styles of braided silver bands.

It's hot & muggy. I'm glad to be wearing a skirt, even if it is very heavy & fully lined. I didn't go to lunch until 2pm. I read the entire time. Except when I talked to Steve (AC guy) & Gillian (English photojournalism student, whose mother's from Salisbury, NC).

My tatting got bizarrely tangled last night. It happened just as I was about to disembark from the bus & I didn't notice when I dropped my shuttle case. Bleah! I've called the bus company & see if it was turned in or found by the driver yesterday. I had to leave a message.

I have to leave now, I still need to find cards for Kathy & Diana and get to Copelands in Cary by 7:30 pm. Tah.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

Saturday's oufit: Ironclaw t-shirt & jeans
Sunday's outfit: Celtic tree t-shirt & shorts
Monday's oufit: Dendarii covert ops polo & plaid crinkle gauze skirt
Tuesday's outfit: Vorkosigan polo & black slacks
Today's outfit: blue knit shirt & multi-colored gauze skirt

I've done over 22" on the white lace. Last night I started some ecru in the same pattern for Anitra. I'm going to make enough to put on the top of her apron. I've already done about 3" or so & I only need 8-9".

I finally fixed my fanny pack. I went to Jo-Ann's last night to get the buckles, thread, & to price canvas. They also have linen, a possibility for a new chemise for October. I got all the way out to the car before I remembered that I was also going to look for ecru thread in size 80. They had it. They also had red, green, white & variegated pastel. The red's on sale for a $1. They are apparently discontinuing it.

Friday, May 07, 2004

It's supposed to be even hotter today (expected high, 90F), but I'm still wearing black. Today's outfit: black slacks & loafers, black heavy wrinkled gauze blouse (3/4 length sleeves & round neck), spoon ring, silver 'braid' band, moonstone ring, rainbow moonstone pendant & earrings & my hair is in that half bun/ponytail fixed with the steel hairstick with bells.

I started a new length of tatting. It's thicker thread so it doesn't require my crochet hook for joins. I'm trying some of the 19th century patterns from Flitting Fingers, the book that Anitra loaned me. I've been trying to translate the 'buttonhole stitch' & other instructions into modern tatting methods. The current length is for 'a chemise band' and it's just rings, not even any joins.

I changed my mind about what I'm getting my mom for Mother's day. I was going to send her a gift certificate for a manicure but I found a book at the Bullshead bookstore that I think she'll like. So I will go deposit the check from Saturday's tatting, buy the book & mail it at lunch. Busy lunch, huh.

Something yesterday really upset my system. I was tired when I got home last night & Chris was playing a video game. So I laid down on the couch for a nap. I answered the phone every time it rang, Richard & telemarketers, but I slept. Chris realized what time it was at 10 pm & cooked supper. He woke me when it was ready at 10:30 pm. I'd slept about 4 hours. I ate half of my steak & then had to go to the bathroom for half an hour, or so. Came out, ate my broccoli & then headed to bed by midnight. It wasn't the steak that upset me, it was too soon. I realized that my stomach started bothering me a little by 5pm. Maybe it was the burrito I had for lunch yesterday. It was a little spicy.

Bill called while I was eating. We chatted a bit. I must remember to contact Wes to tell him to call Bill. Bill doesn't have Wes's email or phone number.

Thursday, May 06, 2004

Much warmer today so the outfit is also a little lighter weight (no jacket): black slacks, black loafers, silk blouse (red, rose, green floral with blue iron bench/fence look plus yellow something), black tatted necklace & earrings, onyx band, silver braid band & silver rope braid band (much wider, more like yesterday's braid band in width). My hair is loose because I washed it this morning.

My chest still stings from Tuesday's sunburn, despite repeated applications of aloe gel. Pbbbbt.

Time to go home. Maybe tomorrow I'll even post something interesting. Although I have to comment that my tatting has reached 17". I barely touched it Tuesday.

Instead I Tuesday & yesterday I read 2 of the Dark Hunter books by Sherrilyn Kenyon.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Today's outfit: brown half-boots, navy slacks, brown braided leather belt, chambray shirt, LOVE stamp earrings (couldn't find the ones I had planned to wear), tri-moon moonstone pendant, 3strand-braid ring, carnelian band, silver band, pottery hair clip & braided hair. I had to put aloe vera gel on my chest, where I burned it yesterday. Ouch.

Gotta go, leaving early today.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

Today's outfit: (when I'm cool) black ~sweater w/ 3/4 length sleeves & bateau neck, black ~suede slacks, black half-boots, onyx ring, dragon ring, silver band, onyx & silver earrings & braided hair. When I'm warm enough I take off the black sweater to expose my "I've lost 20 pounds" burgundy blouse with the faux surplice & split petal sleeves.

I think I may have gotten a little sunburned today. I forgot to put on sunscreen (didn't think I'd be outside, frankly). So I sat out in the sun at lunch for almost an hour.

My lace is at 13.5". I worked on it last night & during the meeting this morning. It's past time to head home.

I was listening to the Breakfast Club. It's from early December 1941. It was full of late-breaking news regarding the declarations of war against Japan by Great Britain, etc.

Monday, May 03, 2004

Saturday's outfit: black skirt, black half-boots, muslin blouse, red plaid bodice, cream colored apron, and muslin cap. Can you tell that I was garbed ~Colonial? I was at Harmony Hall in White Oak, NC (near Fayetteville) as part of the yearly celebration. I tatted on the front porch (facing the river) while Liz wove on her inkle loom (that I gave her years ago). Leela was greatly admired. There weren't great crowds as it rained off & on. But a few people showed & were greatly admiring. I did get a new question: 'is that real lace?'

Sunday's outfit: new green Celtic knot tree (w/ sun & moon caught in branches), jeans and loafers. I had fun at the picnic, after I woke up. At quarter til 4, I had to get up & answer mommy Nature. Then when the tank started to refill, the air in the pipes made them knock. It sounded like someone hammering on the wall. It completely woke me up, especially as I couldn't i.d. the noise at first. By the time it was over, I was starving. So I got up & grabbed a bite to eat. Chris dragged me to breakfast at Bob Evans (yay French toast). After that I napped. I woke up when the sun almost came out & didn't get to the picnic until 12:30 or so. Saw people I hadn't seen in months. Denise is moving back to Oregon & she's 5 months pregnant. It's a surprise as she'll be 41 next birthday.

Today's outfit: black half-boots, black slacks, lavender polo, Bronze Rose hairclip, onyx ring, silver braid band, flower band, violet bead earrings, & tri-fem pendant.

I got 9 inches of lace tatted since Friday. It's the really small white thread, too. I think that this year I will have trim on my clothes (Village of Yesteryear). I lost my little crochet hook though. I'm back to using my full length one.

When I was lying there, sleepless Sunday morning I thought of a direction for the time travel story that I started. So, it wasn't all bad.