Friday, March 30, 2007

Living Greyhawk game: Played City of Malice (core adventure). Whoof. I now see why Mike made Rosemary take an oath, vowing NOT to play up (for non-gamers that means the adventure difficulty is set by the average level of the characters at the table & your character is below that average level - the average party level, or APL, of 3 1st level characters & 3 3rd level characters is 3 because the formula is (1+1+1+3+3+3/6) +1 [for a full table], which yields 3 so they could choose to play APL 2 or APL 4. Unless they're very stupid they'd choose APL 2). I played Reed, my CatTail, while Chris & Rosemary played her cousins, Grawl & Araby. We also had a halfling wizard/arcane trickster, a human bard/sublime chord & a human cleric. And this time, Grawl proved that Wall of Thorns is a wonderful, nasty spell to throw at someone (especially when you're a druid & can ignore it). Reed proved it last time.

The only problem was that Chris & I didn't leave until 12:30. That's very late for me, especially considering my late night on Wednesday, too. I was so tired, that from one eyeblink to the next I was asleep & didn't wake until the last stoplight before home. Waking up this morning was veeeery difficult.

More Living Greyhawk: Tomorrow we start Red Hand of Doom! We'll be playing most of Saturday and then Sunday afternoon. We hope that will take us halfway through it.

Heh, I forgot that I have a Frappr map. I wonder when I signed up for that.

Weather: There was actually %#$*&^%* frost on the ground this morning. Wednesday it was in the 80'sF. Today there's frost. Okay, it did rain yesterday which was almost a transition but still!

books: I'm still reading Rapture in Death. Next I'll start Held Accountable, it's one of the books that I picked up on Wednesday from the used book sale. It's a mystery set at a mental health center. The setting alone sets it apart.

tatting: I got very little done; just a couple shuttle-clearing butterflies.

clothes: black loafers (I have all the mud off from yesterday I think), black socks, black jeans, black belt (gold-tone & black buckle), black shirt (Origins), and same jewelry. I braided my hair today because it got into such a rats' nest yesterday from the ponytail.

I'm on Frapper

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Website of the day: want to know a little about Keeshonds? They are a rockin' cool dog breed.

2nd website of the day: work with wood? How about some info before you buy or decide to work.

Dental app't: I screwed up and John didn't give me a ride. So I came into work late. I rescheduled for next month. Maybe by then I'll have my car fixed and I won't need a ride.

Gaming: Looks like we're playing Freaks of Nature tonight at Rosemary's. I'm catching a ride with the gm so there's no way I'll be late. Chris has my gaming stuff.

books: I finished The Cove last night. I stayed up too late doing so, too. Ah well, it was a good suspense/romance. Frankly, the only reason I knew the heroine wasn't nuts was that it was a romance & the genre predicates happy endings. This morning I started re-reading Rapture in Death. It's been a while but I'm starting to remember whodunit.

clothes: black: loafers, socks, jeans & polo (w/ purple embroidery [ 2001 Ren Festival]), black glass bead bracelet, silver hashmark ring, fem-power ring, onyx earrings & pendant on long silver chain. My hair is up in a ponytail for lack of anything better.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Today's Excitement: There was a fire alarm in my building this afternoon. That gave me the opportunity to go the library students used book sale. I bought some books while I waited for the alarm to be over. Never did find out what caused it. I started reading one of the books I bought at the sale.

: Looking at playing a slot zero game (pre-con games that get enough gm's to run games at the convention). It depends on whether one guy is sick tomorrow that determines which game we play & where. After all, if he's sick then 1)he won't be up to gaming & 2) he might be contagious.

weather: I'd like to find out if the weather set a record today or just tied it. The record high for today is 86F, set in 1945. If it didn't get that hot today it was gosh-awful close.

: I also read the 3rd volume of R.O.D.: Read Or Dream. I forgot to pack Creeps Suzette this morning so I didn't read this morning. On the bus home I started The Cove by Coulter.

clothes: white, notched mock-turtleneck shirt, crepe skirt in black, cream & tan, triple hoop silver earrings, ring with circles, fem-power ring, flower fairy pendant & hair up in the ponytail/bun affixed with two black & tan chopsticks.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Gaming: Chris's game was last night & we (our characters) learned some things. 1) Mimics are nasty beasties, 2) don't hit them with electrical attacks (they spawn) & 3) grappling a dire lioness is bad for mimics.

website of the day
: What's that actor's Bacon number? Ask the Bacon Oracle! And funny website of the day: stick figures used to make science jokes (& literature, etc).

Lunch today is leftovers from Sunday. I'll be having a crabcake, glazed carrots, and mashed potatoes. We ate at Red Rock Canyon Grill with Mike. The food was yummy.

books: I read Innocent in Death last night & learned that I'd missed an ..In Death book. So I'll be looking for that today. I brought Creeps Suzette with me to work but I'm very early into it.

clothes: black loafers, black socks & jeans, burgundy tank/plaid blouse set (tank is burgundy embroidered with a band of leaves along the neck, & over/attached to it is a plaid shirt in burgundy, grey, tan and light variants, with the same leaves embroidered randomly in green), feather charm/quartz chip earrings, quartz point feather pendant on long silver chain, ~rope band, silver dome ring, & my hair is loose for lack of anything better to do with it.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Raptorcon! It was fun. I played two core LG games & the rest were Geoff mods. Unfortunately, the first mod of Sunday (core) I (& the rest of the table) had to deal with the notorious JC. Gah. And the people at Trinic-con can blame me if he comes. I wore my 2006 shirt & he saw it. *sigh* He may be a very nice man but he's, how should I say this, less than accurate in some of his statements. And he ignores what other people say, interrupts, etc (ie Rosemary said, 'even with the web spell there, can I step to get the cleave?' and JC said, as she stepped into the web that he cast in her way, 'if you had cleave, you could just hit that guy.'). Just a very rude guy.

Zavin, my first level Geoff druid, finally made 2nd level. It took 2 more intro mods to do it. I 'met' Eric's new 1st level PC. His old character is currently plugging some portal, so he got a cert to play a fey. He's playing an ice fey warleader, female. She's been informed that she should go scout (to get her out of the tribe/clan's way).

The roleplay interactive on Saturday night was lots of fun. There were games, mini-missions & some good roleplay. I played one game; smash the candy man. I need to find a copy, maybe 2 or 3. It's a Candyland variant where when you pass the other players you can 'hit' them. When they take 6 hits in one area, (head, limb or torso), they lose that area. If you use gingerbread men & frosting tube to score; you can eat your opponent's limb when you finish it off. Delicious.

As usual, I didn't get enough sleep and napped on the way home. I got to sleep late this morning, too. Unfortunately, the hotel didn't manage to get the number of towels right at any point past the first day. Luckily, I learned that I can dry off with just a hand towel.

tatting: I finally picked up my shuttles this weekend. I made the two apology brooches (all I had was white thread), now I need to work on the primary ones. Here's what I made:

I managed to get them done, starting Friday night and finished Sunday morning. I started another one with more beads but I screwed up on the first round of chains & just put it away. I'm not even going to bother posting a picture of it as it's only going to be cut up.
I started to make a silver/white choker with clear seed beads:

It's from Lyn Morton's book (as is the brooch above). That thread is really pretty but it's a pain to work with; eventually I screwed it up & gave up on it. Can you see what I did?

So I used the rest of the thread on the shuttles to make a couple butterflies & some simple flowers.

books: I finished both books that I took with me. Quelle surprise. My Fair Temptation I finished today on the trip back. So I read more of The Pillow Book.

clothes: Obviously it was jeans & t-shirts this weekend. I wore white tennis shoes all week because my left loafer sole tried to come off. It was half-off by the time I got halfway to Maryland. I couldn't wear those shoes. That left the black tennis shoes that I packed, both left ones. Or the white ones. I wore them with black jeans (red Meepa Con tee), blue jeans (Geoff 'Against the Giants' tee & 2006 trinic-con tee). I finally wore my 'strawberry' with dangles earrings on Saturday.

Today it's blue jeans, black 2003 NF conference Panthers champs, feather charm & quartz chip earrings, quartz point/feather pendant on long chain, ~rope band & fem-power band.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

3 websites with green (ecologically preservative) focus & 3 cleaners that are cheaper & less toxic than storebought:

Discount Cleansers There are several ways to cut the expense of manufactured cleaners. Not only are they cheaper, they are also environmentally friendly and child-safe.

For Glass cleaner, mix 2 tbsp alcohol to 16 oz of water.

To clean hardwood floors, mix 1 cup vinegar per gallon of water.

To make furniture polish mix 2 tbsp olive oil, 16oz water and 1 tsp of lemon oil.

As Iraq Casualties Mount, So Do the Stories We Must Tell

Four years ago we invaded Iraq and today the occupation continues. A new project is working to tell the stories of the service members whose lives have been lost -- in the words of the people who loved them. A growing, living memorial by those who knew those who fell.

read more | digg story
First day of spring, my Aunt Fanny! While a pretty day, I would not call it spring-like weather yesterday. I did pick a daffodil to put in a vase in my office, though. I love those flowers. They smell nice, they're bright & cheerful after the grey days of winter, and they appear early, like the forsythia; heralding spring's arrival.

books: I read Vampire Doll, #2 and sort of re-read part of Devil's Bride. I haven't gotten very far because I have not been taking lunch; since I'm off Friday & Monday for RaptorCon (in Gaithersburg, MD). That will cut down on the vacation time that I'll be taking.

Interesting book of the day: The author is coming soon to speak at my alma mater, so I looked up her book. It sounds fascinating. The book is Now They Call Me Infidel: Why I Renounced Jihad for America, Israel & the War on Terror. She grew up in Cairo; the daughter of man who died after leading raids on Israel. She was considered the daughter of a martyr of the jihad & thus was honored.

Con: I finished my laundry last night & packed. Then we packed the car, since Chris will be picking me up from work & we're leaving for Maryland then. We're not going back home, so if I haven't packed it, I'm not taking it. That did mean that I brought my laptop to work with me. It's a heavy sucker, this morning.

Music: I loaded Try This & I'm Not Dead (P!nk) into my iTunes the last couple days. I've sync'ed my iPod & put some of the songs onto playlists. I also loaded a couple more episodes of The Voyage of the Scarlet Queen. I checked the dates on the episodes last night & I'm missing (or rather is missing) at least half-a-dozen episodes by #20. Bummer.

clothes: yesterday it was grey 2002 Carolina Ren Festival polo, black slacks, black socks, black half-boots (that really need to have the heels replaced), black belt (gold-tone buckle), & moonstone jewelry. Braided hair yesterday & today.

Today it's forest Geoff polo, black slacks, same belt, black trouser socks, black loafers (I finally found the smaller pair), emerald earrings & necklace, & fem-power ring.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Bruises: Remember that fall on Friday? I do; I have a nice collection of bruises to remind me. There's one about hand-sized on my left hip; it's big & ugly. There's another, about the size of a quarter, on the inside of my right arm & a small, only nickel-sized, one on my right thigh. That's probably from hitting myself with my umbrella.

TV: The Riches was on last night but it started about the time that I needed to be heading to bed, so I didn't watch it.

website of the day: boing boing, a directory of wonderful things

guilty food(s) of the day: milk chocolate covered mint Oreo cookies, Reese's Brownie & Hershey's Brownie (very rich, almost too much so).

books: I finished Hana Kimi #16 & Chibi Vampire #2. I started New Moon by Rebecca York & Punch #3 but just wasn't in the mood.

radio show: I finished listening to episode 15, The Huntsman's Quarry & the Dead Chinese, of the Voyage of the Scarlet Queen this morning. I'm really enjoying that show. Funny thing, according to Old Radio, that's episode 21.

clothes: white turtleneck, black poly-suede shirt, purple slacks, black trouser socks, black sequin/beaded flats, Celtic knot jewelry & ~rope band. My hair is loose because it was falling out of the braid & I forgot my hairbrush.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Friday night: I made it to the Books-A-Million just fine on Friday. At about 7:30, there was a fire at a substation (found that out later) & the power went out in the entire strip mall. So I left the store. And the power came back on. And went off again. And came back on again. It was still on when Chris found me & we left for the restaurant. There was a delay before we got seated (had to wait for the people ahead of us to leave) but it was a great evening. The conversation (between the 7 of us, Colt, Diana, David R, David C, Chris, Rosemary & me) ranged from children (only David C has offspring but most of us have nieces/nephews); to car accidents; to animals; to movies, 300 & Ghostrider; professional wrestling; Star Wars, is Obi Wan an Orthodox or Reform Jedi; Christianity, Bible as literal or guiding truth; concerts; & theater. We gathered at the restaurant starting at 8 pm & didn't leave until about 11 pm.

Watched the pilot for The Riches on Saturday. Eddie Izzard is a lot shorter than I thought he was. And he looks really good with facial hair. The pilot description isn't quite as the actual show unfolded. It's more interesting than that.

Last night we watched Christopher Titus's 5th Annual End of the World Tour. He is a really good comedian and some of his stories made me leak tears. Because he doesn't always talk about funny stuff. Heck, a lot of his subject matter is decidedly unfunny (9/11/01, anybody?) but he finds the humor.

Radio shows: It was a long bus ride on Friday and I had to watch where I was going, so I listened to Voyage of the Scarlet Queen. I got all the way through episodes 13,
Kang's Treasure & the Ghost of Tangolan Bay, & 14, The Beautiful Girl in the Bargain Basement.

Music: I've almost listened to & rated all the purchased music on my iTunes (lots of Free Music Tuesdays). Once I've finished that, I'll burn them onto a cd as back-up. I also bought Pink's CD; Try This while we were at Best Buy yesterday. The new one near us opened up last month but we were waiting for a flyer announcing it (which never came).

I finally finished Shelters of Stone. It's historical fiction set in pre-history; about the time Neanderthals & Cro-Magnon men were both extant.

Books-A-Million had a table of buy 2 get a 3rd book free, so I picked up a few.
I read A Babe in Ghostland on Friday. It's a paranormal romance. She's an inexperienced psychic who helps the male lead get rid of the ghosts in his house. I finally read Outrageous by Christina Dodd, a medieval romance set just after Richard the 3rd's reign. I don't know how long I've had it. I also read Penelope & Prince Charming (Regency era but at least half the action takes place in Nvengaria) and Just Desserts on Sunday. The latter is a contemporary mystery.

I forgot to put on green clothes on Saturday (purple turtleneck & jeans), so I wore an emerald necklace & earrings instead. Sunday I wore another turtleneck with jeans, this time with the feather quartz point & feather charm & quartz chip earrings.

Today it's green turtleneck, black slacks, black belt (silver buckle), black suede shoes, silver flower band, black stone ring, silver feather charm & quartz chip earrings, braided hair & quartz point pendant with a carved feather.

Friday, March 16, 2007

Weather: Yesterday it was 81F & sunny. Today, it's 47F and raining. Just to add the loveliness, the sudden change in pressure gave me a massive headache (woke up at 2 am to take meds).

dream: I was a vampire (how that happened I don't remember) and as I was out stalking my prey, I found a gang of youths that looked perfect. Except that they were zombies & they were hunting me, not knowing that I was a vampire. The only living creature was someone who made Quasimodo look like a GQ posterboy. So we went looking for meals (blood for me, brains? for the zombies & flesh for the ghouls). We ended up at a high school & things went fine as we munched down on football jocks & cheerleaders (after school, it was night, duh). Then we found some elementary school kids on one of the rooms (age 8ish); they were watching some film or other as a kind of sleepover thing - school related. I couldn't let the zombies & ghouls eat kids, so I fought them off & barricaded the door. I took steps to prevent them from getting in (painting warding symbols on the doors, windows, walls, ceiling & floor). Somehow there were kittens involved but that may simply have been imagery symbolizing the innocence of youth. By that time I had thoroughly infuriated the lead zombie (& the one that I almost ate) and he was determined to munch on those kids. About that time my headache woke me up & I took some heavy painkillers.

After that, I dreamed that I was at some boarding school; one that was very odd. It turned out that it was for 'talented' kids (magic?). There was an incident involving a ghost or spirit of some sort and we ended up accidentally burning down part of the school. Me & the two kids with me (we may have been siblings) were being sent to another school; one that was also set up to handle people with our talents.

Stuff: To add to my fun, as I was disembarking the bus (& wishing the driver a good & safe day), I slipped. I slid/slipped down the bus steps until I was seated on the last one, with my feet out the door. My backside is bruised but everything else seems to have escaped injury.

This evening I'm not going home, I'm meeting Chris, Rosemary & others for David's birthday supper. Since I don't have a car, I'm taking the bus to that part of town & waiting for someone to get me from there.

book: Finished the book I brought with me yesterday and started The Service of the Sword (Worlds of Honor #4). I also brought along another book, A Fine Passion (one of the Bastion Club series) because I have a long bus ride this afternoon.

clothes: tall, black boots, brown velour broomstick skirt, navy turtleneck, navy cord vest embroidered with flowers, paui shell pendant & ring, flower band, fem-power band, and blue bead & silver heart dangly earrings. My hair is up in a ponytail & braided because it got so very tangled yesterday in the ponytail, I decided not to go through that today.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

cold: Thanks to the fact that I'm sick again, I've had to cancel my platelet donation on Friday. That really bums me out. Yesterday I started coughing, too, a wet, hacking one.

dream: One of the things I dreamed about, I was in bed but I could see a road. The road was very wet, with standing water. I saw two police cars headed towards me & a small car away from me. For some reason, the departing car, with 3 young men in it, was going over the line, in a zig-zag. I remember thinking that they must be doing it to avoid the standing water, and just as they passed the 1st police car they hydroplaned right into the 2nd police car, almost a 't'. It went out of control and hit the 1st one, pretty much destroying it. The small car came to a stop on the side of the road, maybe after rolling. The policemen were not happy with the three young men. I came forward, a little reluctantly I admit, and told them what I saw.

One of the other dreams, involved Rosemary explaining to David R about a recent Living Greyhawk game that we'd played. It was part of a larger storyline and the recent adventure involved saving the lives of the leaders of X (I don't remember what). We didn't like the leader but we did like his 2nd in command (& successor). Unfortunately, we couldn't save one without the other. Chris was adding that there was a whole...mythology (he meant backstory) to it. Rosemary was trying to explain without going into so many details that it would bore David. She ended by saying the game was so exciting & tense that she was wound up like Mike (M, in MD).

books: I've tried reading Bridge to Yesterday before. Yesterday I finished it. I don't remember why I stopped reading it the last time. It's a pretty good book. Then I bought & read The Trouble with Witches. It's the 3rd Abby & Ophelia mystery. I'm continuing to read Shelters of Stone but for the commute (& lunch) read I brought Paid Companion to re-read.

clothes: Green/black Harrington steading polo, black slacks, black belt (with silver buckle, I'm finally small enough to wear it again), black knee-highs, black sequin/bead flats, malachite & silver bracelet & ring (which is a little large on me now), black stone ring, quartz point 'feather' pendant on long silver chain, & feather & quartz chip earrings. Hair's in a ponytail for lack of anything better.

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cold: my cold is moving faster this time. I started coughing yesterday. Ah, the joys of mucus. Blech.

I used the facial scrub that I bought a week ago. My skin feels really soft this morning. I'll use it a couple more times before I make a final judgment on it, but so far, so good.

books: Kind of reading Shelters of Stone. It's hardback, so I'm reading it before going to sleep, that sort of thing. Used my frequent customer card to buy a couple books yesterday, Charmed to Death & Lover Revealed. I really like the characters in Charmed to Death. Abby is a sweetheart. JR did a good job in Lover Revealed. She developed plots that she hinted at, or alluded to, in past books of the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. Yep, I read them both yesterday. I only stopped to eat supper.

clothes: yesterday it was a black polo, with Carolina Renaissance Festival embroidered in purple, black slacks, same black belt, black socks & loafers, with the paui shell pendant on a long chain, paui shell ring & ~rope band. Most of the time I left my hair in a ponytail.

Today it's dark green Geoff polo, black slacks, same black belt, black knee-highs, black sequined & beaded flats, emerald pendant & earrings, black stone ring & a ponytail.

Monday, March 12, 2007

MOVIE: Went to see Ghostrider last night. It will never qualify as one of the greatest movies of all time but it was entertaining & did have some good moments; both humor & action.

Afterwards, we went to eat at Bonefish Grill. It was a little more expensive than I was expecting but the food is very good. I had the tilapia with the pan Asian sauce, garlic mashed potatoes and the seasonal vegetable: spaghetti squash. I don't care for spaghetti squash but they seasoned it well & I ate a couple of bites anyway. Besides, even if you're not certain that you'll like the food, you should try a couple bites to find out. Unless you're allergic of course.

Saw part of Thunderbirds on tv, the live action movie. I think I'll look for it to watch it from the beginning some time.

sick: My cold from January is back. Saturday I woke up with that stupid sore throat. So I've been sucking on zinc lozenges, taking some echinacea & taking cold & sinus medicine. Oh. Whee.

books: Re-read all three books of the Tamuli by Eddings. I read Domes of Fire & The Shining Ones Saturday & Sunday & finished Hidden City while I had insomnia this morning. This morning I started re-reading A Loving Scoundrel.

I listened to a few more of Autumn Breeze's podcasts; she really is a good storyteller.

clothes: Saturday it was another Miami Parks & Rec pool staff t- with blue jeans. I never really went anywhere so it didn't matter. Yesterday it was black loafers, socks, jean & "I survived the Big Bad Wolf (Busch Gardens)" t-. I forgot to put on jewelry, completely.

Today it's black sequined & beaded flats (I'm sick of my 'now too large loafers'), 'sand' knee-highs, black slacks, black belt, lilac Carolina Ren Festival polo, Celtic knot earrings, ring & pendant (same as last time), fem-power ring & magnet bracelet. My hair is pulled up into a ponytail with a lilac elastic.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Car: I made good time getting home last night & was headed to meet Chris for supper before gaming. Less than a mile from home, the car started squealing. It sounded almost like the brake pads about to wear out noise but I wasn't applying the brakes. I called Chris while I was stopped at the red light and he couldn't id the noise (over the phone? no surprise there). Then it stopped as I accelerated away from the light. And it started again, so I pulled into the nearest parking lot (an apartment complex). By that time, I also saw smoke & smelled something burning! I put up the hood, carefully but no fire. I also couldn't see the source of the noise or smoke. Radiator fluid was dripping from under my car, in 2 places so I waited until the car cooled. I called Chris to tell him that I wasn't driving to Raleigh & called David. No gaming, I wasn't the only canceller. After my car cooled for 20 minutes, I started it, intending to drive home. I pulled out of the parking space & pulled right back in again. The squeal & the smoke had started up immediately.

I called AAA & got my car towed back to the house. Chris arrived not long before the tow truck did. We almost had a 'America's funniest home video' moment as the driver was putting the towing apparatus in place. My car, once I'd backed out of the space again, was on a slope, thus the parking brake had to remain engaged until the last minute. Otherwise, down the slope, probably into other cars, it would have gone. With the way the tires were turned though, it was remotely possible that it would have rolled into the one empty parking space.

It's probably a belt problem & probably need to have many of my belts & hoses replaced. It's been awhile since I've done anything with them & even as infrequently as I drive, stuff needs to be maintained. At least belts & hoses are cheaper than a new engine.

This does play havoc with my schedule for next week. I need to make a few phone calls to figure out how to re-arrange things.

Sports: My alma mater plays Fla State in the ACC basketball championships today. I hope that they do well.

books: finished The Ruby Knight & started The Sapphire Rose this morning. It's book 3 of the Elenium.

clothes: black suede shoes, black twill slacks, pink raw silk blouse (& black faux-suede shirt over it for warmth when needed), Celtic knot earrings & ring, knotwork moon/tree/star pendant & silver ~rope band. Hair is loose because the waves below my shoulders are pretty & I don't feel like doing anything else with it.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Supper with Dad: I arrived at the Cracker Barrel very close to on-time. Dad had been there for 3 hours, he said. He had stopped by the shop, between where he lives & where we met, where his moto guzzi is getting repaired. He had the day off and had the time to spend. We had a nice supper, conversation, etc. He showed me the bottle stoppers that he'd made. One of them had a corkscrew in it, very clever.

I had to take my leave just after 9 pm; I was really tired. I stopped for gas and a soda (caffeine to help keep me awake) & got home just after 10 pm. I stopped to talk to Chris a bit & then went to bed. I vaguely woke up around 5 am but dozed & slept until my alarm went off.

Website of the day: Need a laugh? Watch long enough for the mike to be placed in front of the guy in the middle.

gaming: Tonight's it Mutants & Masterminds again.

books: Finished Diamond Throne, book 1 of Elenium & started The Ruby Knight, book 2.

clothes: black jeans, grey suede boots, ~watered cotton purple/blue blouse, paui shell pendant on long silver chain, paui shell ring, fem-power ring & I forgot to put in earrings. I gathered the hair from my crown into a braid with the rest of my hair loose.

Wednesday, March 07, 2007

bus: I went to the central bus depot but my hat isn't in the lost & found yet. That was a wasted trip. I'll call on Friday & if it's there, I'll get it on Saturday.

books: I finished To Distraction on the way home & started re-reading Diamond Throne.

Tonight I'm meeting my Dad for supper. We're going to a Cracker Barrel on the highway between us. Too bad I'll need gas to get there. Gas is around $2.39 in my neighborhood (at the cheapest). On Friday, I have to be there to supervise the company moving my stuff from storage to the new location. Next Wednesday is my dental appointment & the Friday after that, unless there's a problem, I'll be donating platelets.

clothes: green/black Harrington steading polo, black jeans, black belt (w/ gold tone buckle..again), black socks that won't stay up (they're driving me nuts), black loafers (that are mite too big since I've lost weight, they flop), emerald & gold heart necklace, emerald & gold posts, & black stone ring. I've got my hair loose until I have to go outside. It's too windy not to braid but even in the braid the wind pulls strands loose & it looks messy.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Biography Channel: We watched the biography of Billy Pratt, aka Boris Karloff. Really, for a man who gained fame as a monster, he was a good-looking and versatile actor.

books: I finished Wintersmith & decided to re-read something I know that I'll like; To Distraction.

clothes: black loafers, sock & jeans with the same black belt & a black polo (2002 Carolina Ren Fest), with amethyst & silver ring, amethyst pendant on a short silver chain, purple Czech bead earrings, ~rope band, fem-power ring & magnet bracelet (black magnets) with clear, blue & silver beads.

Radio Shows: I'm up to episode 13 of the Scarlet Queen. But I've listening to music recently because I've been talking instead of listening to the radio show.

Monday, March 05, 2007

movie: Half-watched Bourne Supremacy last night. I was going through my iTunes library of purchased songs. I'm way behind on listening & sorting them.

@#$% left my hat on the bus this morning. Gotta go by the central bus depot to pick it up, maybe I can go after work tomorrow.

gaming: I picked up the 2nd endition of Lace & Steel at the recent sale at FE. However, it requires the combat deck to play properly (which I admit, I may never get to do). I have found a source for them at

books: Finished Blame It on Cupid and picked up Wintersmith again.

website: Making seafood choices for a healthy ocean

clothes: today it's black jeans, black suede shoes, black socks, black belt (w/ gold-tone buckle), brown/black Vorkosigan polo, gold emerald heart necklace, gold & emerald posts & braided hair. It was going to wear it loose, but it's much too windy for that.

Sunday, March 04, 2007

car: I (with Chris's help) finally got the milk can stool from my dad out of my car. It was too heavy for me to get by myself. While I was at it, I got out a box and a couple bags. I can even see the floor behind the passenger seat again.

I clipped my nails yesterday after that pinkie nail broke again. One thumbnail is till long enough to see over the end of the thumb, but the rest are just long enough to have white beyond the quick.

clothes: t-shirt & jean, navy loafers. The tee is a white one that my aunt gave me; it's Miami parks & rec staff shirt & not something that she wanted to give anyone who actually lives in Miami.

books: I'm trying to read Mind Pool by Charles Sheffield but I'm having a hard time getting into it. So I turned to Blame It on Cupid by Crusie.

Saturday, March 03, 2007

car my car is now legal again; I got it inspected this morning. It needed a couple side lights but that was an inexpensive fix; thank goodness.

Chris's car is being serviced so we're a one (workable) car household today. We went by the mall; Chris wanted gloves to match his coat (blue & black) & I'm almost out of moisturizer with spf (did you know that it's really hard to find one with higher than 15, I've failed so far). Plus, Chris had a gift cert for Williams & Sonoma. We hit Wilson's first but they didn't have the gloves that he wanted. They did have the jacket, for him & for me. And the new back-friendly bag (it says it can hold a laptop but not mine), and the new camera bag. It was a good sale. My jacket was only $40 after the assorted discounts. Sweet.

I bought two tubes/containers of vitamin E moisturizer with spf 15 from The Body Shop. Since they had a buy 2 get 1 free (face products), I also bought a container of face scrub.

At W&S, we shopped around. They have lots of neato stuff. No appliances today or knives, just kitchen knick-knack & tools (tea ball, tea egg [make a pot o' tea], etc).

books: I finished Not Another New Year's & Howling Moon. I read a little farther in Pillow Book.

clothes: Trinic-con 2006 shirt, blue jeans, brown belt, blue loafers, grey ribbed shirt (it's warm but that wind is pretty sharp), flower fairy necklace, ~rope band, fem-power ring & feather (real feathers) earrings.

Friday, March 02, 2007

supper: I fixed House Autry oven-fried chicken last night (House Autry breading, baked in the oven). That plus mixed veggies was the entirety of supper. Then I had some chocolate for dessert.

Work is kicking Chris to pieces right now. He's so tired all the time. None of our usual shows were on so we watched 'Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?' and Dharma & Greg re-runs.

It's warmer than I expected this morning. I should have checked more closely but all I checked on was the status of the thunderstorms & tornado watches.

books: I finished A Little Bit Wicked, Lord Harry & Dragon's Kin. Someone, mentioning no names, stayed up a little late last night.

clothes: navy loafers, socks, slacks & belt with white blouse (3/4 length sleeves & texture plaid, band collar), light blue silicon 'cultivate peace' hungersite bracelet, moonstone ring, ~rope band, moonstone earrings & tri-moon moonstone pendant on short silver chain. My hair is up in the ponytail/bun affixed with a single white chopstick printed with a blue dragon.

Thursday, March 01, 2007

Signs of Spring: buttercups blooming, a fat toad leaping for shelter, flocks of robins, and thunderstorms

Missed the bus tonight & ended up home a good half-hour later, right as the rain started. That wind is something fierce, too. Whoofties.

It's been more than 2 months since I touched my tatting. Am I finally ready?

Check out my Dark Ages profile!" HREF=",Drifa%20The%20Water%20Goddess,1,female1,0,1,2,1,0,6,2,1,1,1,6,6,false,">Check out my Dark Ages profile!

Happy St. David's Day (UK): Presumably, he's an Anglican saint; I can't say that I've ever heard of him. And Happy Samil Independence Day (S. Korea).

Pout: I finished the last of my Jungle chocolate (w/ pineapple) today. It's sooo good.

website/article: 10 influential women you've never heard of

web slideshow: old cars

tv: I watched the first two episodes of Dresden Files, only 3 more and I'm caught up. Until tomorrow night when the 6th one airs. We also watched Criminal Minds, which had a female serial killer.

books: I finished re-readed Sex, Lies & Online Dating and I read volume 1 of Kitchen Princess manga. I've also started A Little Bit Wicked.

Radio shows: I'm up to episode 9 of the Voyage of the Scarlet Queen & we've finally met Kang, the guy who hired Capt Phil Carney.

clothes: dark teal blouse, black jeans (& belt), knee-highs & loafers with silver Celtic knot jewerly, plus ~rope band & fem-power band. Hair up in ponytail/bun & affixed with lighter teal hairsticks.