Saturday, March 19, 2011

Great Time Had, After a Lousy Lead-in

Last night was a birthday supper for one of the Davids. We were meeting in Raleigh, because everyone else lives or works in Raleigh and it was where that David wanted to go. I got directions online, because I'd never been to that restaurant. It was to take about half an hour, figure about 40 minutes with traffic. I left at about 6:15, to get there by 7 pm. Except.

I got stuck on the on-ramp. I checked the clock; 6:21 pm. After 10 minutes, I'd gone approximately 1 mile and I had seen a sign that said 'major delays for the next 3 miles. I called to let folks know that I was caught in traffic and I'd be late. 40 minutes later, I was finally going more than 20 miles an hour. It took me 50 minutes to go those 4 miles. Ugh. The rest of the trip only took 25 minutes. I got there as the appetizers were being served and quickly placed my order. Luckily, I'd looked at the menu online and had an idea what I wanted already.

There were enough of us that I didn't get much interaction with the other end of the table but I did have a great time with the three people near me, plus a couple interjections from the folks in the middle. I shared this video with RW (mild swearing). Warning, if you follow the link, put down your food and drink. Really. I mean it.

After the supper, it was off to stay with A and S. A and I will go to the bead show together & from there it's the tatting meeting. Squee!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Feeling Better

I've been in a little bit of a funk recently. I haven't managed to tat, knit or write from Sunday until today. I managed to work on a my 'historical piece.' It's a size 10 cotton thread in variegated purple, with a Lady Hoare shuttle tatting a 1930's era edging.

There's hope.

Had a great belated celebratory supper on Saturday for a friend. We went to a new Irish pub and it was great. Lovely decor and great food. They also made a very wise choice; they had live music outside. So many times, the music is so loud you can't even hear yourself think, much less appreciate the music.

Sunday was the Forgotten Realms (3.5e) home game and tonight, it's the Traveller game.

And Friday night is another birthday supper and Saturday is the meeting of our local tatters, plus a bead show in the morning. I have lots to look forward to.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Missed Me?

It's been a long time. Quite a bit has happened. I finally made one of the minor Norwegian dragons (by Anne B), in black. I gave it to Jennie Breeden when I saw her at Con-Nooga. I made a variegated red seahorse dragon. I've made 4 bracelets; one of my niece, one for a charity auction, one for a friend and finally one for me. I have been asked about making them for money. I'm thinking about it.

I've been doing some writing. And reading about writing.

I've been gaming, both home games and Pathfinder Society games. I've bought some games. I'm going to look at one based on the tv series Primeval soon.

I've been trying to get rid of stuff. I took 2 bags of clothes to Goodwill this past weekend.

I've been stressing about my lack of exercise and healthy habits. Which isn't healthy.

I've been to see my mom and my aunt and had supper with my dad & step mom. I've celebrated birthdays with friends and gone to see a couple movies.