Wednesday, September 10, 2014

After the Convention

Want to feel old? Try this little website. It calculates how many days you've been alive, what happened around the time you were born, an historical event that is closer to your birthday than today is, etc. The link takes you to my birthday, but at the bottom you can do your own or someone else's.

Here's the bracelet I finished (in sunlight, so you can almost see the pretty beads). Sorry about the bizarre background.

And have you ever wondered just how far somewhere is, compared to what you know? For example, compared to your hometown, just how big is London? Try comparing the maps and see. 

Palmetto Tat Days was great fun (as usual). I took a Nina Libin class, and made one lovely pair of earrings. I started another set, but the thread tangled awfully. I messed the pig I made in Jane Eborall's class, or at least it looks quite funny. The key turned out well. Dawn taught us some origami as a break from tatting.
I won a cape! And it will go into the auction next year...once I've made some...additions

Pig from Jane's class

Key from an evening session

Earrings from Nina Libin

origami envelope

origami box, closed

Origami box, open

One of scholarship quilts; Flowers and Vines

the dragon & edging I made

My badge, with gifts

teapot edging

flying geese edging