Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It's still cold and it feels even colder when it rained; despite the fact that it was actually a little warmer. It was warm enough tonight that I didn't need to wrap my scarf around my head. I have a lovely blue & white scarf that is long enough that I double it & pull the ends through the fold to wrap around my neck. When it was really cold on Monday, I pulled one layer up over my head & ears while the other layer stayed around my neck.

Mom gave me two new knit caps when she stopped by on Saturday. One is a little small but very tightly crocheted. The other is longer but loosely crocheted. She ran out of thread on the 1st one. When it's cold enough for hats again, I'll probably wear the tight one inside the loose one. At least until I fix the seam on my fleece cap.

I've made the same snowflake in size 30 Cebelia, with silver-lined seed beads. I'm working on a second one with beads on the chains, too. I need to take pictures of the ones that I've made so far.

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