Thursday, June 18, 2009

Morning Oddities
So humid that my glasses fogged, after I'd been walking for a couple minutes, not as soon as I stepped out of the AC.
Someone took out a light pole, and the front end of their SUV, near my house. I don't think anyone was hurt because I saw two people filling out paperwork for the tow truck.
The bus windows were open and it was so humid that water had condensed on the handles and grips.

I had a very annoying phone call. The guy was so busy telling me what he wanted me do to help him that I couldn't get a word in edgewise about what I could do for him.

I got Dad's present wrapped. I suddenly realized that we had no non-kiddie/non-Christmas paper in the house & no bag the right size. I bought him a book about D-Day, it includes two cd's of oral histories of the day. I hope that he likes it.

One of the IT guys reads romances, I think. He recognized the title of the Krentz book I just finished re-reading. Or he mistook it for something else. One or 'tother.

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