Friday, July 17, 2009

Long, Long Trip
With bathroom & lunch breaks, we expected to reach our hotel around 4pm. We got here about 7 pm. Yeah, we hit traffic that bad. One was 45 minutes or so for an accident. It was a single car and the people were standing around (with a police officer), so no one was hurt it looked like. It just backed up traffic.

I've finished my Shadowrun Missions character. Chris's spreadsheet really helped. It did the math for me. Now I just have to translate it to paper. It took longer than I expected.

Last night's LFR game ran long, too. We played high and we barely squeaked by in a couple places. It was nice to see my avenger be useful and we got some actual role playing in (Rosemary was playing her tiefling who came forward in time through a portal, our PCs were kids about the same time, but now mine's really old and hers is still young).

I didn't get any useful tatting done. I don't know if it's because I was tired (1/2 required sleep) or what. I only managed to sleep an hour on the way down. That's unusual for me.

We had a great supper at Pappadeaux. And most of us have leftovers. It was a lot of food; especially since we all wanted dessert, too.

As soon as I wrap up a couple things, I'm off to bed.

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