Monday, August 17, 2009

Weather, health & stuff...
I was originally scheduled to go see my mom this weekend. Chris got some bad (but not dire) health news & wanted me to stick around. An old high school friend (at our age, it's getting to the 'old' friend stage) is in town (60 miles away counts, right) from California & I wanted to see her, too.

Mom forgot that I was coming & was planning to go visit her sister. She went on and we rescheduled our visit.

Aaand I got Chris's cold that he had Tuesday. It wasn't horrid, just tired, felt lousy & mild fever. But, oh the joy, I had a migraine on top of it. Needless to say, the only thing that got done this weekend was napping. And some tv watching. I wonder if all the weather fronts moving through had anything to do with it?

On the bright side, I won some Julia Quinn (who looks younger than I thought) books from a contest & they arrived on Friday. Whee! Much happiness! I've already read 2 of them. Yeah, I've read them before, but I enjoyed them anyway.

And we had a real frog-drowner of a t-storm yesterday. It just pounded the windows. I was glad to be indoors.

Gaming: I'm still reading Starblazers Adventures but it has a group character creation format, which I can't do alone. I borrowed Chris's copy of Victoriana (2nd ed) to read. I'm still in the setting section. It's alternate history Great Britain in 1867. There are elves, dwarves, etc as well as magic and science. The US Civil War has not started and the Crimean War continues.

Thursday is our Mutants & Masterminds game, per usual; and Sunday is Rosemary's game, Forgotten Realms setting of D&D 3.5e.


Joe Tortuga said...

Group character creation is fun and difficult for those of us who like niche games. I still want some folks to create Spirit of the Century characters with, but can't seem to interest anyone in it;(

Sewicked said...

Are you kidding me? (same Fate engine, both games, btw). Sign me up! Game looks like pulp novel goodness! The Phantom, Ghost Who Walks; The Shadow; The Green Hornet; The original Blue Beetle (from the radio shows)! Ack!

Read some Edgar Rice Burroughs and Ghostwalker to prep, and you're ready to go.