Tuesday, December 01, 2009

BMAC - read at your own risk

BMAC is the acronym for Bitch, Moan & Complain
Yesterday sucked.

I finally went to see someone about my cough on Sunday. She prescribed an inhaler & some pills. I have viral bronchitis. The prescriptions are basically to give my aching lungs a chance to heal on their own. Rather like taking a muscle relaxant so that your tense muscles stop aching, and once they stop tensing with pain, they start healing.

Yesterday however, I woke up with conjunctivitis. I searched for an hour, and tried to navigate voice mail hell, trying to reach my doctor or at least her clinic. Yeah, I finally gave up, reserved a car from zipcar (for the 1st time ever) and went to an Urgent Care. I thought 2 hours would be enough, considering it's only a half hour round trip. It wasn't. Say hello to a $50 late fee. And the next person who reserved the car was as understanding as a badger with a sore tooth. On top of a rainy day without my umbrella, this made my bad day absolutely worse.  I didn't even have time to get my prescription or to grab lunch. I finally got something to eat after getting back to work. I got the eye drops after work. Yes, they sting like the dickens but my eye is better already this morning.

Now on to the good news. Yes, there is some. As long as I focus on that I'll get out of this funk.

First Lord's Fury came out. I've bee looking forward to that. The gaming went well, both the session that I played & the session that I ran.

Okay, I just napped through Thanksgiving instead of doing anything more interesting. However, I did watch the rest of the Falcon movies that I had saved. And even if my cold was kicking me around, at least it did so on a holiday so I could rest.

I finished a 2nd pair of wristwarmers. I've started a 3rd pair, in shades of grey this time. I've gotten the 1st one done but stalled a little on the 2nd.

I'm going to Atlanta this weekend for more gaming. A good friend is flying down from DC to join us. Monday we're going to the Atlanta Aquarium. I just need to do a couple loads of laundry, pack & finish my Pathfinder character by Thursday morning.


Joe Tortuga said...

Sorry you're not feeling well. I'm currently #33 on the list for First Lord's Fury at the library. Waiting is.. I guess.

Take care!

Sewicked said...

Thanks, hon. BTW, try Tempest Rising by Nicole Peel(e?). Urban fantasy with humor; 26yr old finds out that there's more to her mother than her mysterious appearance & disappearance. The writer is an academic so she really researches her mythologies.

Joe Tortuga said...

Evidently, we already had this from our last foray to Barnes and Noble's, and I found it on our books to read shelf this evening;)

Next thing to read after The Magicians, I think.