Thursday, September 30, 2010

websites and my doily

Here's instructions for a little plush skull; great if you celebrate Dia de los Muertos. Or even if you just wish that you did.

And now you know why cannonballs are dangerous, especially when dredged up from the sea.

 Here's the unblocked, untrimmed heart doily; my entry for this year's State Fair. I still haven't found a presentation for it that I like.

I finished tatting a 2-color cross bookmark for my family reunion. But then I got a migraine right before leaving and didn't go.

I'm working on a burgundy cross bookmark; still Tatmom03's pattern, still perle 12. I'm using the thread from my doily. The 2-color uses the 2 outer colors from the doily; but no beads. As soon as I get my camera downloaded, I'll add those photos, too.

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