Friday, February 03, 2012

Do you play, or have you ever played, tabletop RPGs?

Or if you know someone who does or did; then here's a blog about a survey: It's long, about 125 questions. But fill it out and email it to the guy, by the end of February. He wants a snapshot of gamers before D&D 5e comes out.

I'm trying out Mythic GM Emulator. I'm reading through it and figuring out how/what applies to my Blue Rose character. I'll let you know the results once I've actually played through it a little.

I finished tatting a chicken. Yes, a chicken. I need to block it before I photograph it, though. I still haven't set up my Etsy shop. I need to figure out what my policies are going to be and take some really good pictures of my bracelets, first.

My sock continues. I'm well past the heel now and working on the ankle. I'm halfway to the absolute minimum ankle length.

I'm taking part in a Month of Letters. I'm sending letters or cards to 24 people; one for every postal day in the month of February. I've mailed off 4 of them (I was little early on the 4th one so I wouldn't miss it). I've already gotten word that my 1st one has arrived. I've written two more (plus one I've lost), so I'm maintaining well.

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