Saturday, January 04, 2014

Games, et al

I've been playing Oblivion Scrolls. I'm up to level 12, now and I've completed 10 quests, I think, after 40 hours of playing. I finally got the hang of persuasion.

I'm going to a belated Christmas party tomorrow. There's a general gift exchange and I don't know if I've made a good choice. I missed an update narrowing the gift possibilities. It's a gaming society party, so it will be filled with gamers. Whee! Nick, a really fun guy from Fayetteville will be there.

The next two weekends are gaming conventions, one local and one not so local. Nick will be at the local con, too. I'm supposed to be running a game at the non-local one. I guess I should read it, huh? And I need to create 2 1st level Pathfinder characters by then. I'm working on one of them today, using the new advanced class playtest.

I'd like to be tatting but every project has been frustrating lately. Thread broke, pattern mis-read, ran out of thread, what have you.

Anyone want to ask me a question?

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