Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Fun and Games

C, RG, RW, MC, and I are playing a Pathfinder module. C is running. I'm playing an elf bard (diplomat), RW is playing a dwarf fighter, MC is plying an elf technomancer (wizard with some tech added, like electricity, etc), and RG is playing a human oracle/paladin. RW is doing an excellent job of role playing his dwarf's low charisma.

RW has started playing Lord of the Rings online, with me, RG, and C. We try to play together once a week. RW has a kid so, of course, childcare gets priority.

I am unloading my Saturn. I had let things accumulate, so I am taking this opportunity to get rid of some stuff and decide, 'do I really need/want this?'

Tropical Storm Anna hasn't done much here, just rain, rain, break in the rain, and rain. She's our first named storm of the season and she's really early. Is that an indication of how bad this storm season is going to be?

I'm still packing my lunch every day. Car payments have really cut into my spending cash.

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