Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Fair Is Over (picture heavy)

My blue ribbon entry
my competition

I know both tatters

Guess what material the dressmaker used
So fabulous

That's a lot of cathedral windows

CK did such a lovely job

CK's knitted work

size 80 thread

You don't see torchon very often

They didn't say, but it looks like bobbin lace

I think it's pretty

great quilting

I just liked this one

I noticed a pair of unclipped threads :headesk:

heavy competition

big enough for a toddler bed

One or two apples

rows of produce

That's a fun dollhouse
If this was my competition (earrings) I don't mind losing

1st place, birthday supper theme table decoration competition

antique centerpiece on handmade base

antique dishes

more antiques

hand carved wood candelabra


music box

late, last night

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Martha said...

Thanks for all the pictures. I wish I could have come.