Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Thanksgiving and other stuff

For US-type people, Thursday is Thanksgiving. I have noted which stores will be open on Thursday, because I will NOT be shopping at any of them this holiday season. This is a bit hypocritical of me because I am going out to eat on Thursday. I am thankful for the staff who are making my meal possible.

Last Thursday, I had a 'fun' migraine; my head did not really hurt but I suddenly lost half my field of vision. Thankfully (there's that word again), Excedrine migraine took care of which. I am especially thankful because I was out to eat before gaming and driving with half your field of vision gone seems like a really bad idea.

I went to see Mom this past weekend. I saw something shocking; I saw gas for less than $2/gallon. I'll pause while you recover from the shock. We did a little shopping (I needed some electrical tape) but mostly we worked on organizing her yarn stash. Considering she mostly 'inherits' yarn, her stash is quite large.

Here's something cool; a huge archive of American (US I think) folk and blues music available online for free. Here's the story about it.

I had a dental appointment on Monday, so the only tatting I've really done are the little 1-ring, 5 -picot flowers. Strings of them. My mouth is still a trifle sore.

flowers, late blooming


sunset and autumn leaves

just outside my office

On Friday, as I was walking home in the dark, I managed to miss the sidewalk. It was on a downslope and not only did I fall down, my shoulder/teardrop purse tried to flip over my head. My hair got caught, but luckily I was with someone and she untangled my hair so I could move. I scraped up my knee and my iPad popped right out of the hardshell/keyboard case. On the bright side, it fell on my notebook and only cracked one corner of the screen. I didn't rip my pants either. I'm still a tiny bit sore, though.

And in other news, I've broken 21000 words in my Nanowrimo. But writing meetings are hard.


Bill said...

Congratulations on the word count. I caught a glimpse of a furniture commercial advertising "thanksgiving day only deals" tonight. I hope that blows up in their faces hard core.

Sewicked said...

Thanks. I made it 23,000+ words all told. I'll come back to it in a couple weeks. Once I've caught up on my letters and tatting.