Tuesday, December 22, 2015

I hate colds

I woke up yesterday with indications of sinus drainage. I went to work anyway, but got worse as the day progressed. I felt even worse this morning, and since I'd like to enjoy Christmas, I took the day off.  I spent it on the couch, napping, watching tv, etc. I didn't even have the concentration to finish re-reading a novel.

I had my co-workers' presents, too. I guess I'll take them with me to work on Monday. Better late than never.

Have some nature photos:
Pretty sky

I'm not sure where this squirrel is going, but it's quite intent

vintage tin

What's inside the tin
just kind of creepy
December blooming flowers

print, cut, and fold (& glue) paper box

CH gave me the tin of her grandmother's tatting supplies. Wasn't that sweet of her?

Saturday was the tatting meeting and I showed it off.

RG's dog died on Sunday. He was 15, and had been ill for quite some time. She took steps to keep his quality of life up, with tasty foods, etc. He was loved and we will miss him.

I cancelled my platelet donation tomorrow. I should not be donating when I feel like this. And since I got sick, I didn't get my Christmas cards out either.

Sorry this post is so incoherent. I realized I missed last week and wanted something out.

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