Tuesday, February 09, 2016

It's cold. What? Is it February or something?

No snow or ice, though so I'll take it. We've had some snow flurries, but nothing accumulated.

I'm doing well with Lettermo. I've gotten two letters so far. Here's the back of one envelope I sent.

I finally finished the dragon for Ash & Jeff and mailed it today.
Dark ocean teal
I made a dragonfly today. It desperately needs to be blocked. But here's a heart in the same thread.
Snowy Day (HDT by Hope Bates)

I also tatted a split ring bracelet, with moonstone cubes, from the same thread. It needs to be blocked, so no picture.

Alas, my Superb Owl team did not win. Oh well, at least they played a pretty good game. Not good enough to win, but enough to make it a pretty close game.

So many great Kickstarters. I have nowhere near enough money to get in on them. *sob*
 Baby Bestiary vol 2
7th Sea
The Forgotten
Tavern Tales
World Wide Wrestling: International Incident

Thursday is the Deadlands game, and this weekend I visit Mom.

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Sewicked said...

And here are two more
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1283988566/starguild-space-opera-noir-tabletop-rpg Space Opera RPG
Laser Kittens RPG