Tuesday, January 03, 2017

Post-Christmas, I mean it this time

Ever since my 1st year of college, my high school friends and I got together after we did the family thing for Christmas. BE lives out of state now, so he doesn't come any more. We don't meet 'between semesters' because none of us are in school. Instead we go to JJ's house (it used to move around until JJ and his wife bought a house) overnight or for the weekend of New Years and celebrate together. We exchange gifts, play games, and talk. Our group has grown. I'm with someone, JJ and KL both got married, JJ has a daughter (my namesake), plus they've invited additional friends.

Traditionally, I give KL a calendar. I've doing so for so long now, he doesn't bother to buy one because he knows I'll provide one. It's getting harder to find them, though. The calendar shops and the calendar sections in the bookstores are shrinking.

After I finished the assorted knitting (I finished CD's nephew's neck gaiter on the trip to JJ's house - I just need to get buttons), I started making some of Diane's ice drops. My vintage thread broke on the 1st one I made.  It's just missing 1 chain.

I gave three of these to friends at JJ's party. I know two of them are 'tatting worthy' as last year, upon their request, I made and gave them a flying minor Norwegian dragon (in turquoise). 

Mom's tv is not recognizing that there's a VCR/DVD player hooked up to it. So she's limited to whatever is on cable; and that can be surprisingly sparse. I'll be trying a new remote control and see if that's what it takes to fix the problem. If it doesn't, I'll be looking for a new player. Unless the tentative forecast for snow this weekend is correct, I'll be going to see her this weekend. 

Tonight's my date night with C. I forgot, so I didn't put her present in the car. Of course, I need to find it again.

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