Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Happy Spring Equinox, etc

DR's party on Saturday was fun. His house is a little small (hey, one guy, how much room does he need?) so he rents a picnic shelter at a local park and has a potluck. Everyone brings their one main dish and then share sides and desserts.
CD started prepping Thursday night. He began marinading the chicken breasts. Saturday morning he made the barbecue sauce, meatballs, and got the corn on the cob ready. Alas, his dessert attempt was not successful (we ended up getting a dozen doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts).

On the way there, it was cold. It was raining. It was not looking good. It did stop raining by the time we got to the park. We met DR's aunt and uncle visiting from Wisconsin, I think. Lovely people. We all chatted and had a good time. The food was delicious. I love CD's honey barbecue sauce. SO YUMMY! The leftovers did not last the weekend.

I took more pictures but I don't have permission to post pictures of people, so y'all miss out. I didn't even get pictures of the Canadian geese grazing nearby.

By the time we were packing up, the day had turned quite lovely. The sun came out and the temperature went up to comfortable.

I finished the red bracelet but I haven't taken pictures yet. I may end up giving to NCRL for a door prize.

I've done more coloring. And took pictures of the pages.

Yesterday was the spring equinox for the northern hemisphere. Now the days will be longer than the nights. Of course, we've already had most of our blooms.

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