Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Yes, It was a very nasty cold

And I was pretty wiped out for the week. I'm still coughing occasionally and last week I had a lot of trouble sleeping.

 Here are both the ice drops in size 10 Spice Cake

There was a fire alarm at work, while I was at lunch. So I went to the stress relief snack time at the nearby store. I colored two pages.

 this broken root reminds me of something. If could just remember what.
 Yarn bomb!

I'm in the Employee Forum again, for a one-year appointment. The next meeting is tomorrow. On Friday, I leave for Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

Mom and I had to sign some papers for stuff so I went to see her last Friday to get them done. Then we did some shopping and generally spent time together. I still can't get her DVD player to work.

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