Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Yep, It's Summer

The weather is hot, humid, and subject to afternoon thunderstorms. I'm wearing my crocs so if I do get caught in the rain, I won't ruin my shoes.

I'm still reading Blue Rose. I'm into the world description, now.

CD's mom found this for me. I think they're c. 1950 or older.

My stepmom asked me to make some red, white, and blue tatted bouquets for her. I think for her auxiliary group? She didn't tell me but she wants 20, in her hands by July 7th. I figure if I got them done by the 30th and in the mail that day, they should get to her in time. I currently have 19 done.

I went to a friend's anniversary party on Saturday. It was supposed to be at a picnic area, but thunderstorms drove us indoors. It was a lovely time and this is the cake. Isn't it just gorgeous? I forgot to note the name of the bakery.

Sunday was the Tri'tatters meeting. There were only five of us. That's probably connected to it being Fathers' Day. I was late ordering Dad's present so he'll get it this week, hopefully.

Friday, I went to the UNC and the Great War exhibit at the Wilson Library at UNC-CH. I only took a few pictures. I think the trim here is crochet.

They had an interactive kiosk. It played music and speeches.

Look, nature.

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Bill said...

I was cleaning out my emails and I found the True20 Blue Rose character sheets I'd made back in the day.