Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Nothing much happening.
I missed the bus this morning. So I was late to work, not much but some.
Spent about half an hour writing cards with a group of students for kids in the Children's Ward at the hospital. I was definitely the oldest person there. I did get a couple compliments about my cards. I have to admit that two of them turned out really well. It's so hard to think about what to write. Whoever gets the card is in the hospital due to a serious, potentially fatal illness. That really limits what you can, appropriately, say.

: Finished Ghost of a Chance and reading Politics Is Murder (c. 1947) by Edwin Lanham. Ghost is an interesting novel. It's quasi-romance and it's very different. It's in the same world/setting as the Aisling Grey books. Easily explained because Kate Marsh is the pen name of Katie McAllister.

Still screwing up at work.

clothes: black beaded slippers & socks, black slacks & belt & polo, flower band, hematite band, hematite band, & labradorite pendant.

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