Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day
Mom loved her present. She did wonder why I signed it (like she wouldn't know who I was), but that's because we were at her sister's house and if her brother-in-law comes across it, he'll know who it belongs to.

I gave Mom some chickens, in Guatemala. Aunt Shirley liked it, too. She really wants to get that sort of thing from her kids, too. I also have a couple video tapes for Mom, but I forgot to take them with me.

Mom hemmed some jeans for me. As usual, they were too long. She also patched one pair and she's going to work on a black pair and see if anything can be done for them.

I almost finished making a chemise from a torn sheet. I need to run elastic through the neck casing, sew a casing onto the sleeves, then hem the sleeves & bottom and it will be done. I used a fitted sheet and used the pre-existing casings for the top edge. It made it a little harder to cut out but saved so much effort in sewing it that it wasn't funny.

The left nosepiece on my glasses has disintegrated a little more this weekend. The hard plastic "skeleton" is now exposed and pressing on my nose. Not painful, exactly, but not comfortable.

And Chris picked up that certified letter. I need to make a phone call and a doctor's appointment this morning. I am not looking forward to it.

We got the call last night. Bill's memorial is next weekend. At least 4 of us, maybe 5 or 6, will be going down to Bath, where his closest cousin lives, for it. Part of me doesn't believe that he's dead. He's just out of touch.

And of course, this morning I took 5 steps out the door & it started raining. Rather than unlocking the door & finding an umbrella, I just got my emergency umbrella from the car. It's bright yellow & highly visible. It had also come off 2 spokes. That's why it was an emergency umbrella. I sewed it back to the spokes once I got to work.

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