Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Out of the Office get-together
I think it was only my 2nd ever, that wasn't held at work. A student in one in our offices graduated, after working for us for over 2 years (much joking that if she had worked for us for 3 years she would have gotten a car instead of a watch). We gathered at a restaurant/pool hall/sport bar. We were in the bar area so yes, there was *cough, cough* cigarette smoke. Blech. I fabreezed myself when I got home.

But we had fun. We played (5 of us, 2 teams of 2) 3 games of pool (my team lost all 3 times, I'm a lousy pool player). I also got to know the folks in that office a bit better.

Power was out in my room again. By the time I found out, I just didn't care about resetting it. I pulled out my emergency alarm clock and went to bed by flashlight. Didn't matter. Woke at an hour early, starving.

Tonight, meeting John & Chris for supper. I suddenly realized, when will I get my laundry done? I may be gaming tomorrow (it's up in the air because the gm's mom is sick). Saturday it's down to Bath for the memorial and Sunday it's Rosemary's game.

tatting: I continued the brown perle 5 edging that I started at Harmony Hall until I ran out of thread on the shuttle for the 3rd time. I started the butterfly bookmark for Melinda. I found a cute pattern that alternates flowers & butterflies. (I made one butterfly last night & about freaked the graduating student, she had never seen tatting before).

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