Saturday, September 05, 2009

Migraine fun - not so much
A cold front moved in last Sunday, at about 11:12 pm. Guess how I know? Yep, steep drop in barometric pressure = I'se has a migraine. It took two hours for my Excedrine migraine to kick enough that I could put my head down on the pillow. Yes, my head hurt so much that the weight of it on a pillow was too much pressure.

Monday, I still had it, as well as less than 5 hours of sleep, but I was able to function. Thank you OTC migraine meds. I was stupid with pain and painblockers, but I was functioning, so I went to work. I woke up with morning, still with the headache. I am really tired of being in pain. But at least, it faded to a mere headache level pain.

After a couple days, I felt like I could pick up my tatting again. And promptly messed up a ring. Which I noticed after I made the subsequent chain. I retro-tatted & *successfully* opened the ring & corrected it. Yay me! I'm not on motif 6 of the 9 to the next corner.

Work was less than a thrill with the pain but I got through it.

Sorry for the interruption but lunch just arrived.

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