Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Thank Goodnes It's...Tuesday?

It's hard coming back to work after a long weekend. And the weather was so beautiful. I would like to have seen more of it, but I started my spring cleaning. I've been so tired since October that not much got done. I started with the boxes that I saved for Christmas, 'to wrap presents.' We have a small bin and large rolling trashcan for recyclables (yay, no sorting). Even broken down, boxes take up a lot of room. By Monday, if I'd filled that bin full one more time, it would not have all gotten into the trashcan.

Tatting: I finished a couple of TotusMel's cameo pendant in that green. The second one turned out better than the first. That's not surprising, is it? Which do you think looks better, the round one or the ~oval one?

I started another one in red, but half way 'round the chain, the core thread is unraveling. I'm worried about it breaking, now. The thread is about perle 5 & very old (see the label? That company apparently went out of business in the 1940's). The color is 12505, sort of a Christmas red.

 See the threat? See how untwisted it is?

Here's what I do with the thread left on the shuttles. 

Gaming: We found where a loose end went at Thursday's M&M game. We just need to tie it off. The GM (David R) plans to wrap up the campaign this summer. Then he wants to run a short Traveller game. I haven't played Traveller since I was in college, or maybe high school.

And that's all, for now. Dun-dun-dun


Joe Tortuga said...

I can say with absolute certainty that you played Traveller while in college;)

MegaTraveller to be precise.

Man, I miss that game.

Sewicked said...

The latest Traveller harkens back to the original, apparently. We'll see what happens.

Hey, do you remember my character's name? Or at least, her nickname? I remember her description better than anyone's name.