Monday, August 22, 2011

Vocabulary test and a Book about OED

I took a vocabulary test and here are the results It was testing the approximate size of my vocabulary. Not bad, huh? Feel free to take it yourself. They're trying to compile statistics and especially need teens and kids to do it.

I'm reading a new book. It's The Meaning of Everything, and it's about the OED (Oxford English Dictionary). I want the CD ROM of the OED, but only because I don't have the space for the full 20 volume set.

And Jim Hines wrote a song that summarizes many of my feelings about novels. Here it is.

I'm still working on my Dresdenfiles character and reading the part about magic in Your Story. I'm up to Thaumaturgy specialties. (Are we surprised that spellcheck does not recognize thaumaturgy? No, we're not). I have finally started Changes. I didn't dare bring it to work or I wouldn't get anything done.

I still have not gotten the sock back onto the loom. I think I need to run string through the stitches 1st. As it is, the stitches that are on don't look right.

I finally got my car inspected (I meant to do it the 1st weekend of the month). Now, as soon as I get my tags, my car will be legal.


shannon_in_love said...

YAY! almost legal car....i love that!

Joe Tortuga said...

Smart to wait on Changes now that Ghost Story is out ;)

Maureen said...

I studied Linguistics at university in the 60's; to this day I remember my tutor saying that when she married, the OED was on the top of her wish list as a wedding present!
It's no doubt outlasted the toasters and Tupperware which were the norm in those days.