Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Happy Holidays

Happy Hanukkah. Happy Solstice. Three days until Christmas and it's a warm, scattered wet, day. Yesterday, my coworkers distributed Christmas present. One made homemade chocolate chip cookies with her son. Yum, delicious. One gave me a s'more kit (chocolate, graham cracker & marshmallow). Another gave me chocolate crème wafers, plus chocolate and fuzzy socks from another coworker. I need to take a bag to work to help me carry the stuff home.

Our office holiday party was Monday. This was the sculpture on the dessert table, yest it's made of chocolate.

I took part in a Secret Santa online. My present has arrived but I haven't opened it yet (that's for Friday) but the sender accidentally said something about the contents in the gift tag. Oops.

Here's an interesting essay/list about body image, for fat women. It's very healthy.

Here are some reasons for a man to look for a woman who reads.

Did you hear about what's been happening at K-Marts (and a few other stores with layaway) around the country? People have been paying off the layaway for random strangers, people who had laid away children's items mostly. The store might call Mrs. Jones to tell her that her $250 balance (which she wasn't certain she was going to be able to pay off to get her children toys or clothes for Christmas) is now $20 because someone anonymous paid off most of it. One woman hung around the layaway desk and registers and paid for items telling people 'remember Ben', presumably her late husband.

Some troops came home from Iraq last night. They showed a clip on this morning's local news show.

I finished another bracelet last night after work and started another one. The one I finished is the burgundy and black one I mentioned in my last blog. I'm using the same beads with silver thread. The metallic thread is a little more difficult to work with but it looks really good. It's also smaller, so it may take more thread/beads to cover the same distance.

I'm tempted to try and make a hat for my niece but I have 4 days to do it. I might be better trying to make her another bracelet this year in her school colors but in gold metallic thread with black beads.

Dad's present still hasn't arrived. I'm getting a little worried. 

Here's are a couple sunrise pictures

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