Friday, December 16, 2011

Ooh, Scary, 2 Posts in Less than 1 Month

Tuesday was the big winter blood drive where I work. I stopped by my office, took care of a couple brush fires, went and donated blood, came back, ate at my desk while I worked, then back to the blood drive to volunteer. I was a donor escort; escorting folks from their chairs to the canteen. They were a little short of volunteers so I had 3 pods (7 chairs with a central equipment table) to handle. Up to 4 people might finish at the same time. I missed escorting a few. I did have one near faint. She got a little dizzy as we neared the canteen but the Red Cross worker and I, helped by a 3rd person I never did identify, eased her to the floor. She didn't ever lose consciousness, I think, but she definitely needed more recovery than most. Another person I was supposed to escort got dizzy while in the canteen, at about the same time. Whee!

Here's a bracelet I finished this week. I have no idea what to name it. Any suggestions?
Here's the one I'm currently working on, I needed a break from pastels. I enjoy them, but not a steady diet.
I don't know what to call this one, either.

My brother finally gave me my niece's list. She is definitely more her mother's daughter.

I took part in an online Secret Santa. I mailed out mine today. According the organize, the one I'm getting might arrive today.

I have mom's present (henna for hair and I'm going to help her apply it this weekend). Dad's present has shipped. I have my brother's present, my sister-in-law's present, and maybe my step-mom's present. That still leaves a list of people I need to get presents for. Some presents I'm splitting with other people. I have at least one new person on my list; one of my oldest friends has gotten engaged. We'll be meeting her at New Years.

I'm sure I have other things to share but it's late and I want to head home.

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