Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Weekend with Mom

Last week's storms did a number on me. All the pressure fronts plus the high pollen meant waking up with headaches and migraines all week. Except Thursday morning which was an all out light and sound show, courtesy of Mother Nature. Thursday night was almost as loud, but with more rainfall. Friday morning, I don't think my alarm clock ever turned on (the radio turns on to wake me up, I can't stand the noise alerts).

I went to the re-dedication of the Gift on Friday. It was lovely and I got to see Senora Lynch again. She and her family are such lovely people.

This website lists the best restaurants, county by county. I do kind of wonder how they came to their choices.

Last week I also discovered Sh%t Southern Women Say. Many of these things I have never said (I've never been in a pageant, or a cheerleader, or a debutante). But many of them I have said or have heard said.

I have some pictures of the pollen (as seen through my windshield).
Just a little pollen

Pollen, after I ran the windshield wipers

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