Tuesday, June 09, 2015

A Brief Flash of Spring

A couple days this past week had me wearing long sleeves and thinking about jackets. Then summer resumed.

Triangle Tatters did a demo at Mordecai House. We were in the Visitor Center and a few people came in to talk to us, watch us tat, and see what we had displayed. Katie brought out the quilt. It really is a magnificent piece.
There were 4 of us, really

Mordecai House; my view at lunch
I've finished sewing the edging onto one end of my scarf/shawl. It only took two tries to get it right. I started the edging for the other end. I also worked on the same bracelet, but the beads were all wrong. I finally made a pair of earring using the serpentine spheres and seed beads. Then I started a bracelet using just the seed beads, although I'm going to try to use one of the serpentine beads for a toggle catch.I'm contemplating a pendant to match. Maybe another State Fair entry?

The salvage guy never contacted me about my Saturn. I thought he was going to be faster. Since he's not, I've contacted PBS about donating my car. Hopefully, it will all be over by the end of the week.

Sunday, CD and I went looking for milkshakes. It's surprisingly hard to find an ice cream parlor or other place I knew had good milkshakes. There are no more Swenson's around here, and no Mayberry's nearby. Turns out, CookOut has pretty good milkshakes and we passed one while driving around.

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