Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Briefly cooler

Thursday night we had a serious thunderstorm, complete with thunder, lightning, and hail. It shredded leaves and broke some branches but I didn't see anything more serious.

CD and I did some final work on the dryer hose. We didn't need to pull out the dryer (thank goodness), I could sit on it and pull up the new hose over the old one until it was straighter. I finally got some laundry done.

Unfortunately, I misplaced (not lost) my wallet on Saturday so that was the only useful thing I did.

I still need to check for used iPads. I want to check the local places before I check eBay. I'm tired of not being able to take pictures.

At least yesterday the high was only in the 80s and the humidity was quite lower. I sat outside for lunch on Monday and it was nice, most of the time. Too bad it won't last.

I've done the tatting for another bracelet. I think the beads are small malachite spheres and these green seed beads with a hint of blue. The thread is Vineyard Harvest (I think).

I resolved my edging issue. I cut open the ring, tied a knot and kept going. I think I have close to a yard made now.

BTW, at this point, most home doors do not simply open when you walk up to them. You have to use your key to unlock them. This brought to you by high humidity, high temperatures, and a stress-filled day.

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