Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Another Busy Weekend

The folks from PBS picked up my Saturn on Thursday. I'm a little torn. I drove that car for 20 years, so I'll miss it. On the other hand, it wasn't as reliable anymore and it kept needing repairs, usually expensive ones. I have to pay property, etc taxes on it one last time.

Anitra's car decided to misbehave so I gave her a ride to Mordecai House on Saturday. They have a living history day on the 1st Saturday of the month; they invite people doing or demonstrating old skills to come to the museum. Last time the Triangle Tatters were there, there was also a chair caner; although he was outside, under the trees.

They had us in the visitor center again (yay, air conditioning), but not in the classroom. We were in a room facing the doors, which was nice. We had a number of people stop by to watch and/or talk to us. I made a pair of earring from Karey Solomon's book, Tatting by Ear. And because I couldn't get the beads back into the bag, I also made the bookmark based on the same pattern. And maybe I'll make a necklace, or a bracelet. Since I already have the beads on the thread (thank you Beadalon beadspinner). I used Autumn Spice (size 20, Lizbeth#136) thread and mixed gold and silver beads from Michael's.

As I was entering Anitra's house, I felt something on the back of my neck. I figured something from a tree had gotten caught in my hair so I brushed it off. It was not plant matter. FYI, wasps do not like being brushed off. Ow. Anitra and Steve treated the wasp sting and while it twinged off and on all day and I am avoiding collared shirts for now, it's not that bad.

When I got home, I had packages waiting. Both are from Kickstarter projects I backed. 

box for cards
sampling of cards
I backed the Kickstarter at PDF level and got these extras on top of that (GM screen, book of essays, and cardstock character sheets)
Sunday, I made a stab and sorting and culling stuff. I did not get as much done on that front as I would have liked.

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