Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Blog vs. Sleep, Guess Who Won?

This past weekend, Fantasy Gamer Conclave went really well, They raised lots of money for the NC Autism Society. I ran Silverhex Chronicles in all three of the slots, as planned. The first table only had 3 people, including a GM from one of the other tables. But they made it through 5 of the 6 Quests and had fun. The next table was in the evening, and we started playing around 7:30. We got through 2 Quests, finishing around 12:15 or so in the morning. But great fun was had by all, It was a group of teens and two fathers.

The next morning C & I tried to get to the Conclave early enough to make it to tea but we just missed it. They sold out, as usual. I ran for five more people in the afternoon. One of them was playing somewhat reluctantly. Her boyfriend had pretty much pleaded with her to at least give it a try. Turns out, she really enjoyed it. Since I had people who had either never played before or had not played in a long time, we played much slower. We got through 2 quests in four hours. Still, the important goal was accomplished, people had fun.

However, I was exhausted. I did not manage to get to bed early Sunday night as I had planned. Monday night, we went out to supper. I., a college friend, was in town visiting her parents. We got together with C, R, DR, and DC to have supper at a noodle place. The food was delish but I think their AC was out. It got quite warm. Nonetheless, we had a great time and walked down the street to find some coffee or ice cream. We ended up at the Irish pub. They were having trivia night, which got a little loud but we managed to keep talking anyway.

I enjoyed the flan at the noodle place, but when we got to the pub I wish I'd saved room. They had some delicious looking desserts. Eventually, I headed home, about an hour later than I should have. To make it worse, I ran into construction traffic and didn't get home until quite late (for me).

Cute website: you can get pictures to inspire more words. Right now, it's set to new kitten picture every 100 words.

I finally got my title to my Saturn straightened out. I've called PBS to send someone to tow it away. They'll auction it off. The company handling the auction gets 25% and PBS gets 75%, and I get at least $500 tax deduction. If my car sells for me, I'll get that amount for a tax deduction. And it does have practically new tires, steering pump, etc.
Can you spot the bee?

The edging, as promised

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