Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Almost stopped coughing

Now I just have the occasional dry, itchy throat and clogged sinuses. So I have improved by leaps and bounds. I've been keeping a jar of tea in the fridge. I make it and then I can just pour it and heat it. It's not best practice, but it's potable and hot. I'm also going through tea at work.

Day 4 of 2016 TIAS
Day 5 of 2016 TIAS

Here are my latest two TIAS steps. I need to check to see if Day 6 is out yet. It might be. I'm thinking frog, now.

CD and I were invited to a game party (cards, boardgames, etc) on Saturday, via one of my co-workers, a fellow gamer. But he wasn't feeling so hot so I stayed home to take care of him. He apologized for keeping me away, but I didn't want him along when he was recovering. CC was at the party, too.
Yes, that's a scarf

It's gotten very cold. Tuesday's high was around 30F and today it (supposedly) got above freezing. Sunday, it snowed, but I missed it. Mom called to complain (jokingly) that I didn't warn her about the snow. She stepped out to get her paper and there it was! Accumulation! It started snowing as I got home tonight. I was home a little earlier than usual. I caught an earlier bus, the one that's too soon after my leave time to make it unless I hustle.

There was an accident and we lost power. The building was already locked so I didn't wait for the office door to lock and I didn't have to wait for the computer to shut down. Without power and only a flashlight for any light, I just sat at my desk and read by flashlight. The two big things on my to-do list both required my computer. And I'd already done my offline stuff. The other offline stuff requires proper light.

And of course, with all the cold weather, I have meetings 3 out of 4 workdays this week (I was off on Monday). Yesterday wasn't too bad, if you were out of the wind. I could even take off my gloves. Tomorrow's meeting (I'm presuming there won't be enough accumulation to affect work) I may end up walking to catch a bus back to the office. That's going to be cold.

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