Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Still Coughing

And I'm really tired of it. I'm not nearly as sick as I used to be, but my throat's irritated and anything can trigger more coughing.

Last Friday was David Bowie's birthday, and he released a new album. Then he died yesterday. He had a big impact on my adolescence and college years. I loved the movie, Labyrinth.

I went to visit mom this past weekend. Her health is still doing good, especially for a woman her age.

Here's my Day 2 of Jane Eborall's TIAS. Day 3 came out today.
day 2 2016 TIAS

TIAS 2016 day 3

In my list of presents, I forgot to include the wallet/coin purse Chris's parents gave me. It's cute.

Classes have resumed and work is busy again. We also have a cold snap this week with low temperatures in the mid-20sF.

I've started playing a new game on my iPad. You collect koi in different colors and patterns and grow them to dragons. Here's one (the 3rd one).


Bill said...

So if I'm reading that right, it is an entire game about evolving your different colored Magicarps into different Gyradoses?

Sewicked said...

Essentially, but you do it through chasing down and eating things in the koi pond and magically expanding the koi pond, not through fighting.