Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Lots of Lace(making)

Not that I got any pictures of any of the lace or lacemaking. Last weekend I went to visit Mom. We visited Hancocks (they're going out of business) and we picked up a few things. She also gave me a picture from her nursing school days. I was going to visit her next weekend but she got sick so she needed some help earlier.

CK took some great pictures of the tatting display in the library. It will be on display the rest of the month and then to another library next month. The purple-ish dragon from last post is there, as it my blue-ribbon wrap, a couple bracelets, and my bun cover. I also loaned her some shuttles for the display. 

I took a mental health day on Wednesday. I managed to get a few things done although not as much as I wanted.

The Shadows of the Century game on the 3rd went well. It culminated with a car chase/running shoot out on the streets of LA at 3 am involving a rental car, a rented limo, and a cab. The rocket launcher did draw a little attention. We played about 3 hours or so and next weekend we plan a longer game, starting with a pitch (aka planning the game and creating characters). 

Saturday was North Carolina Regional Lacemakers' day. I didn't take any classes but I got some interesting ideas and they had a display of lace jewelry. I set out a few things, too. I made a turtle to be a pendant to go with my turtle earrings.

After that, I drove to RW's house and we finished playing Wardens of the Reborn Forge. CD made burgers; including buns he baked himself. He also brought scones. We made it through all four fights, although it got a little close a couple times.

Sunday was Triangle Tatters meeting. I made good progress on the bracelet I started on Saturday. It's hand-dyed thread (HDT) in shades of purple with 'oil slick' sort of purple beads. I also started a ring, in Caribbean with the same beads. The ring pattern is from my Japanese tatting book. There were 3 new or newish tatters at the meeting. Anitra had some Mexicana thread for them to use. It's so much easier to use when learning.

Monday, I worked on an edging. I'm looking at edging some napkins I picked up at the thrift shop. They're a good, heavy cotton. Anyway, I'm not sure about using it, but it should make a nice bracelet. It's Red Heart thread.

Okay, the plants are from the Thursday yoga in the park classes. So many things are blooming and I had to take a few pictures. 

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