Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Politics and Tatting

I'm starting this post on Friday, March 25th. The NC legislature and the NC governor had a special session (costing the state taxpayers a few thousand dollars) to pass this bill. These are some of the tweets responding. I don't usually talk about politics on my blog. But this, out of all the things the politicians have done this really gobsmacks me. I am not directly affected (I'm a moderately femme, ciswoman), but this bill is so rampantly discriminatory and they took special effort to pass it. This is a group who can't pass the frickin' budget on time. And it's also badly written. If Jane (name made up) doesn't want her 9-year-old son to go to the mall bathroom by himself, well, too bad. It's illegal for him to go with her. If they're cleaning the women's room at the gas station and I'm desperate to go, it's illegal for me to use the empty men's room. I definitely know some people who are definitely not getting my vote in November. I'm ordering an "I'll go with you" button, as soon as I have some spare change.

I went to the first work sponsored yoga class on Thursday. It's a work week, wind-down thing. We were in the Arboretum and it was lovely. I wish I'd gotten more than one picture. Note for next time; when it's time to lie down for the final relax phase, head uphill, not downhill. Just FYI.
Two bits of gaming news this week. They've started the beta playtest of Shadow of the Century Fate game. And I'm on the list. I'm reading through the book, sending in errata, and planning a game for the 3rd.

The other news is also Fate related. I submitted a pitch to write a building block for Fate Codex, and they accepted. I need to get my outline written by Friday, April 1st.

Tri-Tatters went to demonstrate for a few hours Saturday at Carolina Fiber Fest. I started a new bracelet and finished the hairstick dangle.

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