Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Oops, lost track of time

Sorry, (to all 3 of my readers) I lost track of time and didn't post. The Friday after I came back from Md Sheep and Wool, mom totaled her car. She was completely unhurt and well, it was an old van. Takes less to total it. I drove to see her the following Saturday. I was going to help her get stuff out of her van; except the place where it had been towed was only open Monday - Friday, 9-5. Yeah.

She bought a new Honda (2013) on Monday. And she has declared that if anything happens to that car, she's stealing mine. So I'll have to go car shopping and not her.

I did stuff the weekend after, but cannot remember. I finally took the hand/wrist brace off today, for more than a brief span of time. I'm still going to wear it at night, and not type as much, and not tat....she types. 

For my birthday, I went and volunteered at a charity golf tournament; Chancellors' Cup, to benefit the Janet P. Royster scholarship. This year it was at Tobacco Road Golf Course, in Sanford. I was taking a table so we got a minivan from motor pool. I drove it down there, and got there at 7:30 am, with a golfer, too. Ramses came for a visit and was a big hit. Even people who aren't UNC fans had fun; like the guy who said, 'I can't have my picture taken with him, I'll get thrown out of the family; we're all State fans.' Ramses did a little golfing, too. Until we sent him back to the clubhouse. It was really hot and he'd been in the sun most of an hour and a half. He came back again for a short time.

sometimes it was rough

After, CD took me out to supper. We had a lovely supper. He had left my birthday presents waiting for me when I got up in the morning. He left balloons, too.
And this is one of my presents:
 There is also a couple coloring books, a novel, and another nonfiction. Oh, and a gift cert to B&N.

Then this past weekend, I went to see Mom again. Her car is nice, newer than mine, and has a backup camera. We got stuff ready for Aunt S's visit. Mom was to meet cousin AJ, who was bringing her from the coast, in Efland.

Oh, and my latest Kumihimo project.

I've done a necklace length and I'm working on a bracelet length.

Mom's present to me was to pay for my bids on the Tatting Corner auction. I bought some thread, beads and books. I'll need to take pictures of those to add to my Pinterest board (thread I own, books I own).

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