Tuesday, May 03, 2016

RavenCon etc

The trip to Ravencon went well. The drive down was not particularly heinous and we made good time.
Signs around the Con
MM met us at the con Friday afternoon. We played a couple games that night and finished up as scheduled and got back to the hotel around 1 am. The morning slot started at 8:30 am. We played the morning slot and then the battle interactive in the afternoon. Saturday night we went out to supper.

We got the Sunday morning slot wrong, and showed up late for We Be Goblins, Too. The GM was at another table but generously got up to run our game. The Goblins adventures are massively fun, and often run short on time. We had time to go to the Dealers' room and see Artist Alley. I was going to buy a Con shirt but after walking back and forth, looking at the shirts, and then making my decision, and then waiting for another minute or so and being ignored, I decided not to. The person at the table was in a conversation and I'm too Southern polite to interrupt. A couple dealers had some very nice pocket watches. I want a small silver(tone) one and apparently one of them had one, but I missed them.

They had a kid in the right one
I did buy a new (silk) fan stamped with foxes, and a present for someone else. CD bought a t-shirt for me and a necklace. There were more things I really liked, but well, funds.

steampunk R2D2

Market Square, new since my last visit
We found some new restaurants in Williamsburg. We went back to the Sal's Ristorante, a place CD and RG tried years ago. The food was still great and so was the service. We also tried Emerald Thai, The Cheese Shop, DoGs Street Pub, and The Whaling Company. We also tried Capital Pancake for a change from Mama Steve's.

mussels bowl leftovers, soooo good

bracelet based on edging

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