Tuesday, November 22, 2016

So, That's What Winter Feels Like

Monday morning and this morning, there was frost on my windshield. If I'm going to drive to the park and ride, I'll need to build in some defrosting time. I decided to walk to the bus stop this morning.

I missed the Native American Heritage Day the NC Historical Museum. I got lost. I ended up having lunch in Cameron Village. Ah well.

Sunday, I went to see mom and take her shopping. She needed some odds and ends, like an alarm clock. She seemed to like the lined clogs I found for her and the warm socks. I took her the photo album with all the pics of some of my friends. I'll need some more, but it's a start. We stopped for lunch and I took a picture of her. I need to print it out and send to her sisters.
I finally finished the baby blanket block. I got it into the mail on Monday. It's made with love, not skill. But I posted a couple pictures of it and people were nice about it. It's the bamboo stitch.
bamboo stitch
bamboo stitch

This etsy artist has some lovely owl rings. I also like the butterfly earrings.

I've started keeping a bullet journal. It's helping. I put down a monthly to do list, a weekly to do list, and a weekly schedule. Plus, trying to track certain healthy habits; like sleep, exercise, etc. Mine isn't very fancy; no banners, etc, but it's working so far. I
Front of Journal

back of journal; with pen pocket strap
pen pocket on journal

Today is the anniversary of John Griffith London's death.

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