Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Not Much Since Last Post

Okay, there was Halloween. My costume didn't work out like I'd hoped. Instead I wore a frilly blouse, black skirt, my burgundy boots, and garnet jewelry. Didn't exactly scream neo-Victorian, or even costume. Ah well.

We got eight trick or treaters this year. Less than our record twelve, but a respectable number. We had one Gabby Douglas (she was FloJo last year), one rainbow unicorn amethyst gem (and her costumed mom), two '50's belles, and a quartet composed of Ironman, Black Widow, a UNC football player, and death. We had quite a bit of chocolate left, so I took it to work. 

On the other hand, my iPad photo app put out some fun filters.
blue cat eye

spooky mirror


I don't know, but it's cool
And here are my State Fair entries (it's only one bobeche, but they're identical).

I completed one of the baby booties. It was a struggle.

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