Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Gaming: We played Freak of Nature last night, all 5 of us (plus Doug as GM). I played Zavin, my druid. We ended late enough that I didn't do more than sign the AR & do the quick math (experience, cost of living, etc). I did remember to re-set my alarm clock, just as I was falling asleep.

A lot of earthworms this morning were out & about. Does that mean that we're going to get some rain? We really need it, if only to wash some of the pollen away. It's certainly supposed to get warm today.

I manage to get something in my eye this morning. I almost think that I've washed it out & then it seems like I feel it again.

clothes: plaid texture white cotton blouse, black slacks & belt, black trouser socks, black sequin/bead flats, white shell earrings (almost nacre-like), flower fairy pendant, flower band ring, ~rope band ring & side braid in my hair (opposite side part). I'm still tired & didn't feel like putting a lot of thought into what I'm wearing today.

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