Friday, April 27, 2007

Memory, or lack thereof: I managed to not get much of anything done last night. I put the load of whites into the dryer. I found out where I had stopped on entering Reed's AR access in the Nyrond database, and entered a couple more AR's worth of access.

I did not: eat supper; iron my clothes for tomorrow; locate my c. 1780 outfit; find where I'd packed my fingerless gloves; look for my copy of Flitting Fingers. Guess what I'll be working on tonight. That's all before I leave for the coast.

wish list: My birthday is coming up. So I've started working on my wish list on Kaboodle.

bookshop: Bull's Head is moving back into their old quarters today. When I stopped by, before work, to pick up the next Dreamers book I got a look at it. It's looking good.

books: I am reading Games of Command & The Elder Gods: Bk 1 of the Dreamers. I waited to pick up the other 3 books in that series until I knew how I liked the first one.

clothes: blue 2005 NCAA men's basketball champs polo, navy slacks, brown belt, brown trouser socks, brown suede loafers, silver ladybug clip watch, blue Hungersite silicon bracelet, hematite ring, lapis flower ring, quartz pendants & moonstone pendant necklace, chainmail & silver rose earrings (Roundcon purchase), & ponytail.

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