Monday, April 02, 2007

Panic of the day: My alarm clock reset for the time change & I didn't realize it. So I woke up at '7:45 am' & absolutely freaked. I realized that I couldn't catch any bus earlier than 8:30 & I'd be an hour late for work. Then, as I rushed downstairs to call my boss, I saw the clock on the stove: 6:56 am. Whew. What a relief. I still forgot to pack my leftovers for my lunch, though.

Sad news of the day: Tsunami in the Solomons

YouTube of the day: chicken-fried bacon strips

sight of the day: bracelet made from pop tops. It's a double row of overlapping pop tops on elastic cord.

Last night it was the sight of the 'snow' underneath our Bradford pear. The rain had caused the tree to shed a literal carpet of white petals.

gaming: We've finished the 1st two parts of Red Hand of Doom. Started about 10 am on Saturday, played 'til late. Started again by about noon on Sunday & stopped about 8 pm. We have 3 clerics & that's a good thing. One is a healing cleric, one is a buffing cleric & one is a damage dealing cleric. That's kept my barbarian, the only front-line fighter, alive. As it is, one of the clerics died.

The rogue bought a deep hound (large mount/fighter) to help for the 2nd part. That's been a big help. Even if the hound never actually does damage (which he does), just having another body there to take the hits makes a huge difference. It's a very well-written mod overall but the last encounter that we had predicates a certain pattern of behavior that seems, well, foolish. I can't go into detail, I don't want to spoil it for anyone who plans to play it themselves.

Tonight we're playing Freak of Nature; another zero round.

books: I read The Woman at Belguardo, one of the books from the sale last week. With all the gaming, I haven't had time to read anything else.
I only finished that today. Next I'm starting An Old Faithful Murder. There were several books by this author at the sale so I hope that they're good. After that, I'll probably read All Hallows' Evil, the next book.

Radio show: I finally finished listening to episode 17 of The Scarlet Queen. I only needed about another 5 minutes, but first I had to listen to the 1st 20 or so, again.

tatting: I just made more butterflies. As soon as I've emptied this shuttle, I'll start on the next brooch.

clothes: This weekend it was t-shirts & jeans. It was remarkably warmer than I thought it was going to be, so I never needed my jacket. Today it's black slacks, socks & loafers, green/black Harrington Steading polo, black belt (w/ silver tone buckle), quartz feather pendant, feather & quartz chip earrings, flower band ring & loose hair. I still have it in a side part, too.

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