Tuesday, December 04, 2007

It has gotten cold today. It's been colder but with this wind it feels much colder. I wore my ear protection & a scarf today (the recycled silk one).

Gaming: Chris's game is starting to come together last night. We got a clue about the source of some of our problems. Turns out we have (accidentally) undermined the Salt Baron. He used to provide the army with salt from his mines but we provided the army with 2 giants who grind salt out of a magic wheel. So the army canceled the contract. He blames us. *sigh* We still have problems with the blood cabbage and the Executioner. We've started asking, 'what do we have to do to get sent to the front, anyway?'

books: I've read part of the 3rd Sisters Grimm book & I've started Thraxas.

tatting: I made some progress on the silver & white snowflake. It's a pain because I'm working with a shuttle & ball, but reversed. The chain thread is on a shuttle & the ring thread is on a small ball. Hey, it's working. Slowly, but it's working.

clothes: black suede shoes, black jeans, same belt, ring & watch, green turtleneck, striped embroidered black, burgundy & cream vest (that's really too small, I should get rid of it), black stone ring, flower band, quartz & moonstone pendants necklace, silver hoops earrings & braided hair.

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